2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

This set of 2nd grade reading comprehension worksheets contains printable passages, poems and stories within the scope of literature, informational text and foundational skills as set by the common core. Ensure kids understand the overall structure of a text, figure out the main purpose of a poem or story, and answer questions with 'who', 'what', 'where', ' when' as well. Kids gain a lot of practice in sequencing events, decoding common prefixes and suffixes with the worksheets here. Grab some of these handouts for free!

Select Passage by Grade

The Liberty Bell | Non-fiction

The Liberty Bell symbolizes American freedom. The informational passage prepared for grade 2, walks your child through varied question formats like MCQs, questions using 'what' and 'where' and much more.

The Tooth Fairy | Poem

After a long wait, The Tooth Fairy is there and there's the bright coin too! Help kids learn to sequence events, skilfully describe the setting and correlate events in the poem with their experiences.

Brandon's Books | Fiction

The ELA worksheet pdf hammers home the idea that books are a man's best friend. Brandon is amazed as the books start talking. Find out how Brandon responds to the books and answer the questions too.

Amanda's Trip | Fiction

Books not only inform and educate, they can be real fun too. This printable pdf introduces contractions and kids dig deep into the story with MCQ and extended answers, a requisite in Common Core.

Animals of the Night | Non-fiction

Do you know that not all animals are day-active? This intriguing article provides kids the basic knowledge of night-active animals. Test comprehension with a variety of questions that follow.

The Tale of My Talented Tail | Poem

What would you do, if you woke up to a tail in your back? Let kids read the poem, and encourage them to understand how words and phrases supply rhythm in a poem and recount a part of the text as well.

Jelly Bean Tree | Poem

Kids never have enough of fantasy; have a riot teaching the poem! Here's an endeavor to acquaint the child with the overall structure of a poem, teach a new phrase, and reiterate rhyming practice as well.

A Friendly Battle | Fiction

This is an inspirational account of a board game played by a family on a weekend. Kids answer the 'who' and 'what' of the 'Friendly battle' and attempt reflecting on their own life based on what they read.

Space Alien Guests | Poem

Find out how, in order to please the aliens, a child meets some strange requests. The pick of this 2nd grade reading worksheet is the adjectives, and there are questions on key details of the poem and also on rhyming words.

Whiskers' Wish | Fiction

If you could become someone else, what would it be? The printable comprehension worksheet elucidates how a character responds to its own wishes and teaches topic-specific adjectives.

Kyla’s Missing Library Book

Kyla looked under her bed. She looked in her closet. She checked everywhere. But she couldn’t find the book. Explore this reading comprehension for grade 2 to know what happened to Kyla’s book. The questions include ordering events, analyzing a character, and more.