Syllables Worksheets

Explore this incredible resource with everything your young learners want to know about syllables, their types and syllable counting in a print friendly format. Our syllable worksheets are chock-full of fun learning activities and practice exercises that include charts, tables, match, cut and glue syllables, sorting into their types, circling mono and disyllabic words, syllabication in compound words and a word challenge printable to top it all. Download the set to provide your children up to grade 3, with these diverse opportunities to learn and practice syllabication swimmingly. Click on our free worksheets and kick-start their syllable practice!

Color the Syllables

For a little variety and a lot of fun, allow the children up to grade 3 to indulge in their most favorite activity of coloring, while simultaneously learning to count the syllables in words.

Syllables - Sort

Review and revise the six types of syllables, with this exercise that requires the children up to grade 3 to sort the syllables by their types, to enhance their phonemic awareness.

Syllable Poster

Warm up young beginners to the idea of segmenting words into smaller sound units with our attractive syllables poster. Watch kindergarten and 1st grade children glide from monosyllabic to five-syllabic words with ease.

Syllable - Types Chart

Make teaching phonics effortless with this very concise and comprehensive chart, that illustrates the six types of syllables with their descriptions, hints and examples, all integrated in a single printable.

Open and Closed Syllable Sorting

This syllabication pdf worksheet for grade 1 and grade 2 focuses exclusively on the open and closed syllables to bolster this rather abstract concept that is best acquired with some effective repetition and drilling.

Syllable Clapping

Let the 1st grade children clap for the syllables! Well, that's the case here quite literally, for the worksheet enjoins them to count the syllables with claps and circle the number of claps, yet keep the practice playful.

Cut and Match the Syllables

Discover this fun way to understand syllabication, for your kinesthetic learners will enjoy this 'learning by doing' activity that engages them in matching, cutting and pasting a two-syllabic word together.

Segment the Syllables in VC/CV pattern

Let children get down to the nitty-gritty of segmenting, i.e. breaking a word apart into its syllables, to understand how english sound and spelling patterns work, with this printable syllabication worksheet.

Segment the Syllables | V/CV and VC/V

Segmenting is vital in learning to spell, read and pronounce words correctly in addition to recognizing its rhythm and stress patterns. Use this printable to learn and practice this segmenting pattern.

Breaking words into Syllables

Here's yet another pleasurable exercise of breaking up words into syllables and counting them to complete a table, using a collection of words that are of high interest and relevance to the children.

Syllable Splitting - MCQ

An MCQ worksheet is perhaps the most objective way of assessing knowledge of the children on segmenting multisyllabic words accurately, and also overcome the classic long-word-fatigue.

Evaluating Syllables

Evaluating and rectifying the errors in syllabication will certainly make the little ones take charge of their own learning and emerge with renewed confidence in chunking longer words into manageable parts.

Circle Mono- and Di- Syllabic Words

Have your 3rd grade children to identify and circle monosyllabic and disyllabic words in this syllabification worksheet pdf to practice not just the sounds, but smooth the way for the rhythms in words as well.

Easter syllable sorting

Syllabification combined with the theme of Easter may though surely provide a great practice in dividing words into syllables, it is more likely to multiply the enthusiasm of the children in this worksheet.

Compound Word Syllables

Use this printable to gain some extra mileage out of this activity in teaching and practicing syllabication in compound words that will help 2nd grade and 3rd grade students to read longer words more accurately and fluently.

Syllable Challenge

Isn't it a worthwhile idea to pose an exciting challenge to your students to stimulate their knowledge of syllables and put it into some action? We firmly believe that it will serve its purpose well.

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