4th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Revolutionize practice with our printable 4th grade language arts worksheets with answer keys, offering unique learning avenues in relative pronouns, forming progressive verb tenses, using helping verbs and modal auxiliaries, ordering adjectives, using correct capitalization, and punctuation. Enrich domain-specific vocabulary and read text with purpose and understanding to support comprehension, draw inferences, and make predictions, summarize details, explain procedures and more. Significantly increase the contents of your teaching toolbox with our free grade 4 language arts worksheets.

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Completing Sentences with Relative Pronouns

Give 4th grade kids an opportunity to prove their mettle as they fill in an appropriate relative pronoun to complete each sentence depending on what is referred to and the type of relative clause that follows.

Writing the Present Progressive Tense

Explore the power of repeated practice with our grade 4 language arts pdf. Create the present progressive form of each verb, using the (am / is/ are + verb + ing) structure given in the box and complete each sentence.

Replacing Synonyms and Rewriting Sentences

Transform your dull and repetitive writing with a few additions to your vocabulary. Replace the underlined word in each sentence with its synonym from the word box and rewrite the sentence.

Completing Similes | Cut and Glue

Capturing the essence of forming similes, this printable 4th grade ELA worksheet gets kids to read the adjective in each simile and complete it by gluing the image of an appropriate noun that best fits the comparison.

City or Suburb? | Opinion Writing

If given a choice would you prefer living in the hustle-bustle of the city or in a tranquil suburb? Write your preference stating the pros and cons and well-though-out reasons to support your choice.

Long U/Short U Words

Improve spelling skills with this worksheet on long and short U sounds. Get kids to unscramble the words and write them twice.

Fill in the Blanks with Helping Verbs

This English worksheet pdf provides grade 4 kids an opportunity to take a shot at writing an appropriate helping verb that goes with the main verb expressing the tense, and adding meaning to the sentence.

Identifying Articles in the Dialogue

Christmas means carols, cakes and presents. Alyssa, Chloe and Evan are awaiting their Christmas presents. Read their conversation, identify the definite and indefinite articles and underline them.

Adding Prefixes and Finding their Meanings

Continue your streak of vocabulary upgradation with this printable language arts worksheet. Let kids write the meaning of the word using the dictionary, add a prefix to it and write the meaning of the new word.

Connecting Idioms to Their Meanings

Can your grade 4 kids interpret the meanings of idioms? Check for yourself as they skim through the idioms on one side and look for apt explanations on the other side and connect the two using numbers.

Packrat's Perfect Treasure | Reading Comprehension

Set off on a treasure hunt with Packrat and discover the true treasures of life. Pay attention to the key details of the story in this ELA worksheet pdf and recount them to answer the questions.

Ordering Adjectives

Stringing multiple adjectives to describe a noun is not as difficult as it sounds. Arrange the jumbled adjectives denoting attributes based on the particular order stated in the box and write them in the space provided.

Fixing Punctuation Errors in a Passage

Watch the wannabe proofreaders and editors of grade 4 skim through the passage in this printable language arts worksheet about snails. Direct them to rewrite the passage, fixing the punctuation errors.

Choosing Closed Compound Words

Popcorn, pancake, playground are examples of closed compound words. Complete each sentence, choosing an appropriate closed compound word that doesn't have a space or hyphen separating the two words.

Identifying Proverbs from Pictures

A little tidbit of wisdom awaits 4th grade kids in this English worksheet pdf, where kids are expected to observe the picture keenly and guess the proverb taking cues from the picture and write the proverb.

Halloween Pumpkin | Expository Writing Prompt

Evoke spooky elements of Halloween as you explain the process of carving your jack-o-lantern with a four-toothed smile and a triangular nose. Transferring this process to paper is equally exciting.