Crossword Puzzles Worksheets

Solving crossword puzzles is an extremely entertaining learning tool that contributes to vocabulary building, knowledge expansion and multiple skills enhancement. We validate these merits with our enormous collection of crossword puzzle worksheets that actually leaves not much "under the sun". Young ones of animals, Jobs, Irregular Verbs, Synonyms, Colors, Musical Instruments, Continents, Oceans, Federal Holidays, Solar System, Plant and Animal Cells... and our exhaustive list goes on. Can there be a better incentive to learn? Our handouts best suit the needs of children in grade 1 through grade 5. We offer some free worksheets too!

Where am I? Crossword

Get children of elementary school hooked on to this printable crossword with names of places to freshen their minds, sharpen thinking skills and infuse some fun element into their learning.

Irregular Verbs

Activate and exercise the young brains to develop grammatical reasoning and accuracy of short-term memory with this 2nd grade crossword worksheet on irregular verbs. Take joy in their thrill of accomplishment.


Our synonyms' crossword worksheet will certainly help students make some inferences and evaluate their choices to hit upon the correct synonym. It will also expose them to both old and new vocabulary.

Animals and their young ones

Learning the words used for the young ones of farm animals will no longer be a tedious task.Involve 1st grade kids in solving this crossword to bust their boredom and to get them all excited and energetic.

Occupations | Puzzle

Improve the brain functionality of children of grade 2 and above with this printable puzzle pdf on jobs and occupations using the pictures as clues. It will help enhance vocabulary, spellings and reasoning skills.

Clothes | Crossword

Crosswords are terrific learning tools to enhance subject specific vocabulary, and they also appeal to kids with different learning styles. Let kids sit down to work on this grid and enjoy the challenge.

Parts of the Body

Solving this crossword on the body parts will require 3rd grade students to think logically about the different definitions and also get to the exact spellings since it's essential to spell linked words correctly.


Kids will become puzzle-fans with this printable crossword on colors using visual clues. Boost learning vocabulary, improve concentration and increase thinking speed with this captivating pdf worksheet.


The more words that learners come across, the broader their active vocabulary becomes. So, activate and improve processing skills to guess the correct antonym faster with this antonyms' puzzle for grade 1.

Musical Instruments

Involving children in crossword puzzles helps increase analytical and cognitive skills. This pictorial activity on musical instruments is sure to strike the perfect chord with them.

At the Beach

Crosswords are a portable and inexpensive way of keeping kids amused and occupied. So, hand over this printable puzzle to children on your next beach trip, as a quiet break amidst hectic activity.

The U.S. Presidents

Hard to remember the chronological order of the Presidents of America? Try this crossword as a fantastic tool to review and reiterate this, making it a whole lot enjoyable and effortless.


If you've been struggling to make students memorize the names and the nationalities of the famous European explorers, then here's your opportunity. This crossword might do wonders!

The Solar System

Children in grade 4 and grade 5 will be ecstatic to work out the clues in this crossword puzzle pdf to infer the names of objects in our solar system and also observe how words interact on the grid.


Improve observation and processing skills in students of grade 3 with this interesting crossword on the seven continents of the world, using pictorial clues. This will help revise spellings too.


Solve this crossword grid on the five oceans of the world with smaller words first to make unfamiliar clues easy to solve. Students will enjoy the challenge as they encounter new vocabulary.

Plant and Animal Cell

Review the terminology of cells effectively using this printable crossword worksheetwhere 4th grade and 5th grade students infer the name of the organelle from the clues and also utilize this opportunity to recall difficult spellings.

Major Landforms

Use this innovative learning tool to help children of grade 4 and above to identify the landforms and water bodies from the images used as clues, to complete the crossword puzzle.

Earth Day

Fill in the crossword grid recalling vocabulary associated with the Earth, interpreting the clues provided. This brain consuming activity will boost memory and review spellings enjoyably.

Womens History Month

Reintroduce children to the challenges and pleasure of solving crossword puzzles with this pdf activity centered around the great women heroes. Decipher their names from the descriptive clues.

Mini Pack of Federal Holidays

Take a breather from your celebrations of Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, New Year's Day and Halloween with our crossword puzzles on these themes and experience the learning zing.

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