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Our printable verb worksheets, a haven for verb enthusiasts in kindergarten through grade 6, help children become conversant at verbs with a large compilation of engaging exercises. Not only do they take key first steps by doing tasks like identifying frequently occurring verbs and relating them to their opposites, they massively upskill by forming and using regular and irregular verbs, completing sentences using the appropriate forms of verb, distinguishing between the shades of meaning among closely related verbs. Also, kids learn to use the 3 different types of verbs. Get started with our free verb worksheets with answer keys!

Identifying and Coloring Verbs

With a butterfly at its center and verb flowers tossing their heads in a sprightly dance, this identifying verbs worksheet amuses kindergarten kids as they scout out and color the flowers with verbs or doing words.

Is It a Naming Word or a Doing Word?

A noun is a naming word, and a verb is a doing word. Direct kids to look at the pictures, name them with words from the box, and decide if they depict an action or name an object. For each word, choose “verb” or “noun” as relevant.

Identifying Verbs | Cut and Glue

A verb ship and a noun ship are anchored in this verb pdf. The task here is to cut the words, sort them as verbs and nouns, and glue them on the correct ship. Never has learning verbs been more fun!

Writing Verb Antonyms

We sometimes "laugh" and other times "cry". Welcome verb antonyms in this section of our printable verb worksheets with answers. Write the antonym or opposite of each verb and learn the ropes.

Writing Sentences Using Verbs

Our printable verb worksheets have lots of varied and exciting tasks for kindergarten and grade 1 kids. In this exercise, they show you their skills by writing sentences using the given verbs.

Matching Verbs to Their Synonyms

Don't just learn one verb to express an action, but learn shades of closely related verbs' meanings! In this part of our verbs practice worksheets, children match verbs to their synonyms.

Identifying the Odd Verb Out

A great tribute to shades of meaning, this verb pdf, where learners in grade 4 and grade 5 identify the word that's not synonymous with other words in each set, is a great resource.

Shades of Meaning | Cut and Glue

English verbs have no dearth of synonyms! Cut, snip, and clip form a bunch as do look, watch, and see. Cut the word cards, glue them appropriately, and complete the verb synonyms' table.

Writing Past Forms of Regular Verbs

Writing past tenses for regular verbs is easy as ABC! Add -ed or -ied to the verb, and the job is done! Instruct kids in grade 1 and grade 2 to write the past forms of verbs in this regular verbs worksheet pdf.

Completing Sentences with Regular Verbs

Steal your peers' thunder in this part of our worksheets on verbs! Write past forms of the regular verbs in parentheses; and use them to complete the sentences. The pictures depict what you read.

Writing -Ed and -Ing Forms of Verbs

Fulfill part of your verb ambitions by writing the -ed and -ing forms of a host of verbs. Write "danced" and "dancing" for "dance" and so on. This is an opportunity to get used to two key verb forms.

Completing a Verb Form Table

Crave after exemplary skills in forming the present, past, and past participle forms of a verb! Write the present, past, and past participle forms of each irregular verb and complete the table.

Identifying Irregular Verbs

Marlin the Clownfish is desperate to find Nemo! But if you know your irregular verbs well, you can color them and help Marlin reach Nemo in this printable irregular verbs worksheet, and bring a smile on Marlin's face!

Sorting Verbs into Regular and Irregular

Play your verb-successful peers at their own game by sorting a collection of verbs into regular and irregular verbs. While regular verbs form their past forms with an -ed, irregular verbs don't follow a pattern.

Completing a Shades of Meaning Table

The more synonyms you know of a verb the more laudable your language worth will be! In this task, choose from words in the box and complete the table by writing two synonyms for each verb.

Writing Two Synonyms for Each Verb

How rich and various "love" would be if you knew several synonyms to "love"? You could sometimes "adore" and other times "admire". Use words in the box and write two synonyms for each verb given.

Identifying & Coloring Verb Synonyms

Draw heavily on our worksheets with verbs and go great guns! Two of the three words under each verb are synonyms to the verb. Identify and color the two words in each question.

Action Verbs vs Linking Verbs

Tell action verbs apart from linking verbs in this pdf. Let 5th grade and 6th grade children know this - a linking verb links the subject to the predicate, as "was" in "The bag of treats was awesome".

Helping Verbs and Action Verbs

In "must roast", must is a helping verb as it explains the mood of the action "roast". Kids in grade 5 and grade 6 read these sentences and identify the helping verbs and action verbs in each sentence.

Helping Verbs or Linking Verbs?

Identifying and using linking verbs is a skill that children who wish to excel must be equipped with! Read the underlined verb in each sentence; write if it's a helping verb or a linking verb.

Action Verbs

Pick up speed and momentum using and identifying verbs depicting actions with our printable verb worksheets for 3rd grade and 4th grade! Never have verbs like "jump" and "study" been practiced with more range and nuance.

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Helping Verbs

Say yes to a one-of-a-kind set of worksheets that helps the blooming verb learners in grade 3 and grade 4 upgrade their skills in helping verbs! Explore why they're called helping verbs and how they help.

(8 Worksheets)

Linking Verbs

Our verbs exercises for kids dig deep into verbs that only connect and don't denote an action are top of the range. A treasure trove of fun and inviting activities, exciting exercises, and compelling tasks, and more.

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