Printable Verb Worksheets

The verb worksheets are sure to keep the little grammarians of Kindergarten through grade 5 engrossed as they animate frequently used action words and choose from a range of topics like matching verbs, writing the antonyms, sorting nouns and verbs, identifying verbs that go with singular and plural nouns, distinguishing between regular and irregular verbs and learning to use different shades of meanings. Also, get a clear idea of helping verbs, modal auxiliaries and linking verbs to mention just a few.

Verb - Charts

Kindle a love for verbs with the visually appealing charts featuring action, helping and linking verbs. Watch kids translate the excitement into learning as they enact the frequently used action words.

Antonyms of Verbs L.K.5.B & L.3.1.A

Write the Antonyms of Verbs

How about turning your day into an upside-down day? Infuse fun as you call out the action words and make the kids do the opposite. Learn to use the contrasting verbs with this set of antonyms of verbs worksheets.

Action Verbs | Frequently occurring Verbs L.K.1.B, L.K.5.A, L.K.5.B & L.1.1.C

Match Pictures to Verbs

Transport kids to the world of actions as they look at colorful images and match them with the action word. These verb matching worksheets are a must-try for your kids.

Sort as Nouns and Verbs | Cut and Paste

Recognize verbs and nouns and learn to tell them apart with this engaging collection of worksheets. Kids snip the word cards, sort them as nouns and verbs and glue them on to the correct means of transport.

Circle the Action Verbs

Identifying an action verb from a list of verbs is another fun exercise to reiterate the concept of verbs. The self-explanatory worksheets contain definition and examples that help complete the worksheets in a jiffy.

Use Singular and Plural Nouns with Matching Verbs L.1.1.C

Choose the Correct Action Verb

Embark upon these worksheets to familiarize kids with using singular and plural nouns with the correct matching verb. The trick here is that a plural noun takes a singular verb and vice-versa.

Conjugate Verb | Choose the correct Singular or Plural Verb

Conjugate the verb according to the noun number and complete each sentence with the most appropriate verb choosing from the given options.

Form and use Regular and Irregular Verbs L.2.1.D & L.3.1.D

Regular Verbs

Verbs that conform to the rules of making the past forms are regular verbs. The basic verb or the main verb is provided, instruct kids to write its past form by adding -d, -ed or -ied.

Irregular Verbs | Past and Past Participle form

Get a vivid picture of forming and using past and past participle form of each irregular verb and complete the table. Irregular verbs do not follow a typical pattern to make the past and past participles.

Shades of Meaning L.2.5.B & L.3.5.C

Shades of Meaning | Verbs

Synonyms transform your writing from boring to exciting and from repetitive to imaginative. Expand horizons in vocabulary building as kids complete the table with the different shades of meanings for each verb.

Shades of Meaning | Verbs - Cut and paste

An apt word in context creates an intriguing image in the mind of the reader. Snip and glue the synonyms of each verb and help kids differentiate between the shades of meaning of each verb.

Main Verbs, Helping Verbs, Modal Auxiliaries and Linking Verbs L.4.1.C

Underline the Helping Verbs | Auxiliary verbs & Modal Verbs

Helping verb as the name suggests, is a verb that helps the main verb in a sentence by extending its meaning. Spot and highlight these words in the sentences by underlining them.

Helping Verbs | Fill in the blanks

Add emphasis, express tenses or add more meaning to your sentences using apt primary or modal helping verbs. Complete the sentences and comprehend the functional meaning they add to each.

Linking Verbs | is, am, was, were, are

Linking verbs do not depict actions, they simply link the subject and the information about the subject. Choose the correct verb from the options and complete the sentences.

Identify Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

Identify the two main categories of main verbs: action and linking verbs with this batch of sentences. Identify the verb and figure out if it shows an action or a state of being and label the verbs appropriately.