Action Verbs Worksheets

Capture imagination with our printable action verbs worksheets and help children in kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 upgrade their action verb knowledge. Verbs that denote physical or mental actions, action verbs are words like eat, run, and dream. Transform kids into a bunch of magnetic verb geniuses with practice exercises like identifying action verbs, completing sentences with appropriate action verbs, circling pictures that describe action verbs, and coloring action verbs. Our free action verbs worksheet with answer key is a great place to start your journey!

Matching Pictures to Action Verbs

Take off to a blistering action-verb flight with this printable action verb matching exercise, where a bunch of pictures are given, and kids in kindergarten match them to correct action verbs.

Identifying Action Verbs

Cast around for words that are astir with action – run, walk, and so on. In this action verb exercise pdf, scan each set of words, circle the action verb, and write it. Enjoy a brisk action-verb hunt!

Coloring Action Verbs

Identify action verbs with their overt behavior that can be observed and measured as in "bathe" and "snow". Here, children in grade 1 color action verbs amidst a set of words.

Action Verbs | Cut and Glue

Let the action-excited children of 1st grade flex more of their repertoire with this part of our printable action verbs worksheets, where they cut a set of pictures and glue them above suitable action verbs.

Numbering Stars to Describe Action Verbs

This action verb exercise is completely off the beaten track. Given here are a bunch of pictures and their action verbs. Identify the verbs that describe the pictures. Write the number on the star to match.

Circling Pictures That Describe Action Verbs

Take in the meaning of an action verb by picturizing or visualizing the action in it! With children in grade 2 and grade 3 circling pictures that depict action verbs, this exercise is a hoot!

Completing an Action Verbs Maze

How helpful are action verbs! Watch the versatile action verbs help a dog reach home safe and sound in this pdf! Kids identify the action verbs and color them so the dog finds its way homeward.

Choosing the Correct Action Verbs

Watch action verbs veer from fun to even more fun in this identifying action verbs worksheet! The task for kids here is to observe each picture and check the action verb that describes the action in it.

Tracing Action Verbs and Making Sentences

The charismatic verb stars in kindergarten and grade 1 will flourish in the company of this making sentences with action verbs worksheet, where they look at pictures, trace their action verbs, and write sentences using the action verbs.

Circling Action Verbs in Sentences

Embark on this pdf with a lot more energy, for in this worksheet, action verbs do what they best enjoy doing - shine in sentences. Kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade identify the action verb in each sentence.

Completing Sentences with Correct Forms of Action Verbs

Go "read" a storybook or "sing" in the choir with all your heart, for life would be so dull without action verbs. Observe the pictures and identify the correct action verbs that complete the sentences.

Filling in Action Verbs and Matching

Thank pictures for they make learning action verbs easy! Here's a task where kids complete the sentences with action verbs inspired from pictures. Write the question number on the picture to match.

Using -Ing Forms of Action Verbs

Graduate from action-verb greenhorns who struggle to full-blown scholars who thrive! In this part of our printable worksheets on action verbs, write the -ing form of the action verb and complete each sentence.

Highlighting Action Verbs

Action verbs instantly and perfectly mesh with kids' desire to express their actions. In this identifying action verbs exercise pdf, get children to read a set of sentences and highlight the action verbs in them.

Completing Sentences with Action Verbs from the Box

There's a word box full of action verbs. Kids are expected to complete each sentence using an appropriate action verb from the list. Modify and use singular/plural verbs for grammatical accuracy.

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