Linking Verbs Worksheets

Our printable linking verbs worksheets with answers designed for children in grade 2 through grade 6 are sure to fire their learning enthusiasm. A linking verb is one that serves as a connection between a subject and further information about that subject, it links the subject to the rest of the sentence. The exercises include identifying linking verbs in sentences, completing sentences with linking verbs, comprehending and using sense verbs and true linking verbs, writing sentences using linking verbs, and much more. Try our free linking verbs worksheet pdf for an insight into what lies in store!

Underlining Linking Verbs

Enhance identification skills with this linking verb worksheet, where 2nd grade children read a bunch of sentences and underline the linking verbs in them. Remember linking verbs only connect/link and don't denote actions.

Checking Linking Verbs That Complete Sentences

Kids in 3rd grade needn't be shaken up by linking verbs! Tell them they're verbs like "is", "are", and "were". Choose the linking verbs that complete the sentences. Write the answer in the space.

Highlighting Linking Verbs

Keep children in grade 3 grammatically nutriated with our worksheet on linking verbs! Scan the sentences and scout out the linking verb in each sentence that connects the subject with the rest of the sentence and highlight it.

Completing Sentences with True Linking Verbs

True linking verbs: is, was, were, are, and am, are verbs that forever stay true to their linking function and hardly accept other roles. Kids in 4th grade complete the sentences using them in this true linking verbs practice worksheet.

Linking Verbs Chart

Burnish your linking practice with a colorful tree that bears linking-verb fruit in all branches! Don't wriggle out of grabbing and printing this printable linking verb chart that equips you with a whole lot of linking verbs!

Completing Sentences with Sense Verbs

Juice up learning with this complete the sentences with sense verbs worksheet that digs deep into linking verbs, such as taste and smell, that refer to the senses. Sensory verbs are generally paired with adjectives.

Circling Linking Verbs

There's more to linking verbs than children in 5th grade and 6th grade thought there is! Say hello to a new bunch of linking verbs like appear, weigh, and grow. Identify linking verbs in the sentences and circle them.

Writing Sentences Using Linking Verbs

Continue to go at linking verbs hammer and tongs! This part of our pdf linking verbs worksheets, where grade 4 and grade 5 kids frame sentences using the linking verbs given, is tremendous.

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