Participle Worksheets

Before children get ahead to answer our printable participle worksheets, they must be properly instructed on what a participle is. Derived from a verb, a participle essentially helps construct verb tenses. Significantly, it also doubles up as an adjective, making grammarians address this part of speech as ‘seriously and demonstrably multitasking’. Watch children in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 run the full gamut of the participle experience. The treats in our free participle worksheets pdf are so tantalizing kids can’t simply decline them.

Completing a Table

Let your fledgling grammarians in 6th grade write the present, past, or past participle forms of a bunch of irregular verbs in an attempt to complete this table, honing on the participles of each verb.

Identifying Present Participles

Formed by adding -ing to the root form, the present participle is the stepping stone to the big leaps you’re hoping to make in participles. Read the sentences and underline the present participle in each.

Choosing between Past Forms and Participle Forms

While the versatility of participles can be overwhelming for 8th grade children, completing sentences using the past forms/participle forms is child's play. Get ready to tackle participles head on!

Past Participles with Similar Endings

Rhythm has been boiled into our printable participle worksheets, reverberating with 'gone’ and ‘done’ and ‘burst’ and ‘thrust’. Use the past participle of the verbs and complete the sentences.

Completing Sentences Using Participles of Verbs

A stablemate of grammatical exultation, participles can dramatically elevate the quality of our writing. Get a fine first taste of this as you convert the verbs into participles and complete the sentences.

Choosing Correct Participles

You’re ‘confused’ when you can't think clearly. ‘Confusing’ is the thing that makes you ‘confused’. Still confused? This printable from our participle worksheets is the golden remedy for 7th grade children.

Identifying Participle Adjectives

If the participle knowledge of your grade 6 and grade 7 children doesn't stretch much beyond its tense-forming cachet, this task of underlining the participle adjectives is made with them in mind.

Filling the Blanks with Participle Adjectives

Premodifiers or postmodifiers, participles never fail to fulfill their modifying assignments. Participles are the exotic delicacy on our writing menu, as in this section of our grade 8 participle exercise pdf.

Identifying Participial Phrases

Get into the modifying business hammer and tongs, using this participial phrases pdf! A participle phrase is placed as close to the noun it modifies as possible, so identifying it is easy.