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Editing and Proofreading Worksheets

Who doesn't like to write pieces with sentences super clear, ideas fantastically organized, and most importantly, vocabulary and grammar uncompromisingly immaculate? In order for this to happen, it's inevitable that students have a good grasp of the editing and proofreading process, which is what we seek to facilitatein this set of pdf worksheets ideal for grade 2 through grade 8. Let the young ones step in and take the helms, while learning how to edit and proofread their works. This is set to change your writing big time! Start off your practice with our free worksheets!

Correcting the Spelling

Lauren Leto once said, "If you can spell "Nietzsche" without Google, you deserve a cookie." Even the best writers are vulnerable to spelling errors. In this printable worksheet, kids color the correctly-spelled words.

Proofreading a Paragraph on T-Rex

The pleasure of proofreading is when you have a relatively long text, and nearly every sentence has something waiting to be corrected in it. Let 4th grade kids spot and correct errors in this passage about T-Rex.

Proofreading Marks | Basic Chart

This chart is engaging mainly thanks to the instant help it gives the aspiring writers in the class, in the form of common proofreading marks. They learn each mark coupled with its meaning.

Proofreading Marks | Advanced Chart

Familiarize young proofreaders with these symbols and abbreviations and encourage them to use these marks to correct spelling mistakes, improve punctuation, and enhance the readability.

Spelling it Correctly

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. It's often the tiniest detail that makes the biggest difference to your writing. Here, 2nd grade and 3rd grade children read each word carefully, and correct the mistake in its spelling.

How many mistakes are there?

Proofreading is not a luxury you give your writing; it's an integral part of the writing process itself. In this pdf worksheet, kids look for errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Proofreading and Rewriting

All English teachers agree that kids who fish their writing for errors and fix them, shine the brightest in ELA classes, and we can't agree more. This printable exercise gives practice with rewriting sentences correctly.

Proofreading Sentences | Labor Day

Labor Day, with all its fun and frolic, is an occasion we all so passionately wait for. Why not ask children in grade 4 and grade 5 to proofread six sentences abounding in the Labor Day spirit and festivities?

Proofreading a Passage on Liberty Bell

Let children know that, once they successfully answer this pdf worksheet, their proofreading skills are set to go places. They read a passage about the Liberty Bell, make corrections and rewrite the passage.

Proofreading | Nocturnal Animals

Watch children fire in all cylinders, as they start editing and proofreading this passage. They peruse the piece, point out its mistakes using proofreading marks, and sport that triumphant smile on their face.

Proofreading | The United States

Relish the bliss of proofreading transforming into an absolute riot with this paragraph correction worksheet! Children scout for mistakes and use proofreading marks to show these.

Proofreading a Passage on Caffeine

Get ready to be amazed, as 5th grade and 6th grade children dig in to impress you with their proofreading skills. Give them a pat on their back, as they identify and fix errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling in this exercise.

Misplaced Modifiers

Modifiers placed incorrectly can mean misery while we read a sentence. Identifying and fixing misplaced modifiers are an indispensable part of editing. This printable worksheet provides practice in this editing aspect.

Misplaced Modifiers | More Practice

Misplaced modifiers can sometimes be easy to fix, but there are other times when this becomes a little more demanding affair. Help grade 7 students, as they try and fix the misplaced modifiers in these sentences.

Dangling Modifiers

When misplaced modifiers become more problematic to deal with, and start to increasingly jeopardize clarity, we call them dangling modifiers. In this exercise, 7th grade and 8th grade students spot and fix dangling modifiers.

Dangling Modifiers | More Practice

Let the high-flying learners work at their own time and pace, as you give them further work with dangling modifiers. In this practice pdf, they find out if the modifier is dangling or not, and fix the mistake, if it's one.