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Parts of Speech Worksheets

An adequate knowledge of the eight parts of speech is a prerequisite to understand how these parts are combined to give us a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence. Our parts of speech worksheets for children in kindergarten through grade 6, part of which is free, include a definitions' chart, identify and sort, rewrite sentences, and many more such carefully thought out exercises, meeting the objective to perfection.

The Eight Parts of Speech | Sorting

Take the learning level up a notch as you encourage and guide children of elementary school to sort and classify the words according to all the eight parts. The objective is to provide an extensive practice.

Sorting Verb-Noun-Adjective

This exercise in identifying and sorting the nouns, adjectives and verbs, which will greatly benefit our young learners in distinguishing these words merely from their forms.

Complete the Sentences

Engage elementary school children in this printable worksheet of completing sentences using the part of speech indicated. This will open up their minds to understand how each of these function in sentences.

Pick the Odd One Out

Hand out to kids, this enjoyable exercise of picking out the part of speech that does not belong to the stated category, as it is essential to provide plenty of opportunities to help kids identify them independently.

Identify Noun-Verb-Adjective

Words often change their forms to perform different functions in a sentence. This pdf worksheet addresses this aspect and enables children to identify the part of speech in the context of a sentence.

Underline - Nouns & Verbs | Story

Stories captivate children like nothing else. So, here we have Ryan in his pursuit of getting hold of insects on the Insect Day and meanwhile, let kids start their pursuit of getting hold of nouns and verbs in the story.

Change the Adjective for each Noun

Get kids to substitute the adjective with another one of their choice, and draw suitable pictures of the noun to match the adjective. Wouldn't this be an enjoyable way of using adjectives?

Color the picture

Add colors to the learning of parts of speech with this coloring activity. Kids will go gaga over this pdf worksheet as they identify the parts of speech and color the words following the color key.

Parts of Speech | Chart

Use this attractive and comprehensive chart to introduce kids to the eight parts of speech in the English language. It will help them learn the names and also get familiarized with the definitions.

The Eight Parts of Speech | Word Search

A word search activity stimulates focus and skill of word recognition in addition to being a good recall exercise. Let's get them started immediately on looking for the parts of speech in the grid.

Conversion of Sentences | Parts of Speech

Changing the word form and transforming the sentence accordingly, is an effective way of understanding the grammatical functions of the parts of speech. Don't miss out on this valuable printable.

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