Colors Worksheets

Children will be tickled pink to see our printable colors worksheets! A child that's able to identify color names summa cum laude has passed a key marker and milestone in their cognitive process. For preschool and kindergarten kids to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words, they must be able to recognize colors early on. An out-and-out display of colors, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple most of which kids' favorite bright colors, our learning colors pdfs seek to teach colors with a range of fun activities. Make color recognition enjoyable with our free colors worksheets!

Naming Colors

Satiate your color thirst with the orange carrot, the red tomato, and the green leaf that kick-start this writing the color names activity! Look at each object and write which color it is.

Matching Colors

Take advantage of children's natural affinity to explore the world around them! Discuss colors with this matching activity, where the task is to match the objects on the left to their colors on the right.

Coloring Shapes

Colors and shapes get along with each other well; Explore the gift of curiosity this shapes and colors pdf sparks in preschool and kindergarten kids, where kids color the shapes using the color key given.

The Color Blue | Tracing and Circling

The color blue is both a revelation and inspiration! In this printable blue color recognition worksheet, watch the fledgling color scholars escape into a blue fantasy by tracing the word "blue" and circling the blue objects.

Coloring Pictures Yellow

It's sheer bliss to have your little one pointing to a banana and saying "yellow"! Coloring the pictures in this pdf yellow isn't just adorable, it's a key step that makes learning many other skills super-easy.

Identifying Orange Objects

Orange, a color many think boosts critical thinking and memory, catches kids' eye and grabs their attention! Instruct kids to cast their eyes on the objects here and circle the orange objects.

Coloring Pictures Purple

Enjoy the vibrant, developmentally appropriate purple learning space created in this printable colors worksheet! Color the butterfly, a bunch of grapes, an eggplant, and an umbrella purple and achieve the task.

Circling Objects That Are Black

Black is the color of a cat or a crow! To make learning black easy, think of a black hat. If you want to learn more of black, answer this worksheet by finding and circling each and every object that's black.

Cut and Glue the Color Words

Although a heart is said to be red, we playfully break the convention by having heart shapes colored purple, blue, and more. Ask kids to cut each color name and glue it beside the appropriate heart shape.

Coloring Chicks Using Given Color Names

Running the show here is a hen, a fete of colors in itself, and its many colorful chicks - all cute and sporting red, yellow, green, brown, you name it. Read the color words and color the chicks accordingly.

Coloring Pictures Green

Green symbolizes energy and freshness, so does the apple, the pear, and the tomato in this color green worksheet pdf! Show how much you love this color by coloring these pictures green.

Which Color Is the Starfish?

Give the young superstars scores of practice in recognizing colors and identifying color names! This printable colors worksheet, where they observe each starfish and check the correct color, is brilliant!

Identifying Colors & Tracing Color Words

This identifying the color of the paint in each paint can and tracing the color name on the lines activity is dedicated to all the color-savvy preschool and kindergarten children out there!

Matching Color Words to Stars

Match blue to a blue star, match red to a red star, match green to a green star, and so on in this section of our colors worksheets, where there is not one or two but eight colors vying for your attention.

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