Root Words Worksheets

Learning root words is an effective strategy that can magically open up the mind to comprehend multiple words in many other languages besides English. Our root word worksheets exploit this strategy quite comprehensively to help children of grade 1 through grade 6, gain the most out of it. Using lucid definitions, charts, word-search grids, word challenges, Greek and Latin roots and many more diversified exercises, our pdf worksheets nourish the roots well enough for the vocabulary tree to stand strong and grow rapidly. Walk through some of these worksheets for free!

What is the Root Word?

Teach children of grade 2 through grade 5, how to break down large, new or unfamiliar words into its most basic unit to discover the root word that carries meaning with this root word worksheet.

Adding Suffixes to Verb Roots

Children of grade 4 and grade 5 will gain a considerable level of familiarity with verbs as root words and changing their forms or patterns to singular, past or progressive by adding the suffixes -s, -ed and -ing.

Root Words and Affixes Chart

Learn this strategy of using root words as building blocks and modify them using prefixes and suffixes to form more complex words. Use this printable containing lucid explanations to get acquainted.

Underline the Affix

Familiarize children of elementary school with root words and affixes with this exercise of identifying prefixes and suffixes to unlock the root word. This will help them significantly in retaining the word.

Identify Words with Affixes

Notice the forms and patterns of words in this pdf worksheet, to gain knowledge of how components like roots, prefixes or suffixes influence grammar, spelling and meaning of words in English.

Root Words Search

Let 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids locate the hidden words in their most basic forms, using clues in this exciting word search activity. They will learn to think systematically about word-formation and changing forms with affixes.

New Words with New Roots

Expand the pool of words that children know by engaging them in this root word worksheet for coloring and creating new words from the given roots. This will certainly build their repertoire of functional words.

Latin and Greek Roots Match

Since most root words in English come from the Greek or Latin language, it is imperative for kids to familiarize themselves with these to open up their understanding. Our printable worksheet exploits it to the fullest.

Form New Words with Affixes

The strategy of using the root word as a scaffold to build new words practiced in this pdf worksheet, will immensely help students in expanding their vocabulary, using a variety of affix combinations.

Roots and Affixes

Enjoy the process of learning root words and affixes with this cut and glue activity that will magically help children to understand meanings and look for familiar affixes that go with the base words.

Word-Challenge | Tree

Make the most of this creative root words and affixes worksheet to put down the roots of learning vocabulary firmly, and affix them with a better comprehension of their meanings, forms and patterns.

Define the Roots

Now here comes a super engaging printable for 5th grade and 6th grade children with a built-in testing aspect. This will help equip them better to handle unfamiliar words and make sensible guesses of their meanings.

Affix | Quiz

Use this quiz printable as an effective practice to review the learning of root words and affixes in word formation, or to improve students' understanding of this efficient vocabulary enhancement strategy.

Split the Words

Understand multiple words, form new words, decipher unfamiliar words, figure out their meanings, and expand vocabulary all with our root words, prefixes and suffixes exercise worksheet pdf.

Complete the sentence using affixes

Enhance the comprehension of students in adding appropriate affixes to the root words to suit the context of the sentence. This will greatly help them in using contextual clues to form meaningful words.

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