Gerund Worksheets

Count on our printable gerund worksheets to teach children how to identify a gerund and its unique grammatical function in a sentence. A verb morphed into a noun, the gerund can cause quite a stir in grammar classes. Let children in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 define gerunds, identify gerunds in sentences, complete sentences with suitable gerunds, and more. Don’t miss the pdfs that practice using the same gerund as the subject, object, and object of the proposition! Explore some of these worksheets for free!

Identifying Gerunds

Getting used to the gerund and working around your difficulties in the gerund topic is no longer a tall order! In this gerund exercise, children in 6th grade read a set of ten sentences and identify the gerund in each.

Completing Sentences with Gerunds

Being gerund-proficient is no small fry! In this task, write an appropriate gerund from the box to complete each sentence. Get extra practice on the side by figuring out the role of the gerund in each sentence.

Using Gerund after Go

What's your favorite pastime? Do you go fishing or do you go bike riding? In this part of our printable gerund worksheets, complete each sentence with a context-relevant gerund that collocates with the verb “go”.

Choosing between a Gerund and Infinitive

Some verbs are followed by a gerund while some work with an infinitive. Let 7th grade children complete each sentence with one of the two as appropriate. A must-have pdf for the gerund-excellent kids in high school.

Choosing between a Gerund and Infinitive-2

We hope to empower every child to be as equally able to get past their gerund vs infinitive conundrum as their grammatically advantaged peers. Identify which verbs go with the gerund and which ones with the infinitive.

Using Same Verb with Gerund and Infinitive

Verbs like “stop” and “regret” can be used with both the gerund and infinitive. The meanings will be different, though. Get some exciting practice in this tricky aspect of gerunds. Your gerund knowledge is ready to soar!

Identifying Gerunds and Their Functions

This section of our gerund worksheets is undoubtedly the pick of the lot. While using a gerund is a breeze, identifying it isn't. Write if the gerund is a subject, object, object of a preposition, or subject complement.

Identifying Gerunds and Their Functions-2

Practice recognizing the gerund function full circle with this worksheet printable! A gerund that acts as the subject is followed by an action or linking verb. The object-gerund falls just after an action verb.

Identifying Gerunds and Their Functions-3

Make a habit of spotting the gerund and telling the gerund type. A gerund used as the subject complement follows a linking verb and talks about the subject. An object of the preposition-gerund follows a preposition.

A Gerund Chart

Warm up to the gerund in style! Define a gerund and become familiar with its different functions. Get an example sentence for each function. A learning joy, this chart is worth displaying in your study!

Using the Same Gerund in 3 Different Ways

Read the examples to learn to use the same gerund as the subject, object, or object of the preposition. For each question in this gerund worksheet pdf for 8th grade, write 3 sentences modeling after the examples.

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