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Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

Our active and passive voice worksheets with answers pdfs add to the variety of sentences that students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 write. While the active voice makes writing precise, the passive voice is used when the action is more important, or the subject is not known. Our active and passive voice exercises are carried on the power of repeated practice in converting sentences from active to passive and passive to active involving various tenses, two objects, modals and more. Begin your learning journey with some of our free, active and passive voice worksheets!

Identifying Active and Passive

Give students a chance to take a shot at identifying active and passive voices with this pdf. Students are expected to figure out which of the 10 sentences are active and which ones are passive.

Active and Passive Voice | Chart

This printable active and passive voice chart for grade 6 students captures the essence of active-passive learning. It defines the concept, and tells how to form passive from different tenses.

Passive Voice to Active Voice

Go well beyond the expected and convert the sentences in passive voice to active voice and comprehend how the emphasis is shifted from the action to the doer of the action.

Active to Passive Voice | Present Simple & Present Progressive

Let the talent-spotted students enhance their practice with this converting sentences from active to passive voice exercise filled with sentences in simple present and present progressive tenses.

Active to Passive Voice | Past Simple & Past Progressive

Task learners in 6th grade and 7th grade with changing past simple and past progressive sentences into passive, and let not the active-passive vagaries befall their writing.

Passive Voice | Future Simple

Continue your streak of great work with this printable active to passive voice conversion exercise. Write the passive voice for sentences in simple future, and exponentially upgrade your learning.

Change the Voice | Different Tenses

Watch the 8th grade scholars surprise you in this exercise on converting active to passive voice. Replete with sentences of mixed tenses, this set gives practice in forming passive-voice sentences.

Passive Voice with Two Objects

Let the grade 8 go-getters be in the slipstream of the great example you've set for them, as they attempt writing passive voices for verbs with two objects! A little bit of cautious practice, and they'll be fine.

Passive Voice with Modal Verbs

This passive voice with modals exercise pdf shines light on converting sentences with modal verbs into passive and take your active-passive preparation to its zenith.

Changing to Active Voice

This printable passive to active voice conversion worksheet is stuffed full of passive voice sentences, and grade 7 learners convert these into active to prove their mettle.

Changing the Voice

Offer middle school students that extra bit of practice they need with this changing the voice worksheet, and get them converting sentences from the active voice to passive voice and vice versa.