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R-Controlled Vowel Worksheets

Welcome to the office of Bossy R! Our printable r-controlled vowel worksheets lift grade 1 and grade 2 kids to a never-before learning glee! The phrase "r-controlled" has the whole story. It's the story of poor vowels – a, e, i, o, and u – cringing under the clutches of a towering R. Let's not beat around the bush. Look at the words "first" and "color". The vowels here - i and o - both followed by r, sound a little different from their short and long counterparts. Why? Because they are followed by r. Or they're r-controlled. Our free r-controlled worksheets will leave you yearning for more!

Missing R-Controlled Vowels

In this part of our printable r-controlled vowels worksheets, 2nd grade students look at the picture and complete the words by filling in the missing letters. They pick from “er”, “or”, “ur”, “ar”, and “ir”.

Sorting Bossy R Words

Here's an inviting, filled-with-stacks-of-charm sort the words with r-controlled vowels activity. Prepare 1st grade kids to write each word under one of the five types –“ur”, “er”, “ir”, “ar”, and “or”.

Writing Bossy R Words

In this section from our r-controlled vowel worksheets, your youngsters look at each picture and try saying its name, which obviously has an r-controlled vowel. Find the word from the box, and write it on the lines given.

Bossy R | AR or OR - Cut and Glue Activity

AR is an r-controlled vowel sound. Let your aiming-for-perfection learners observe the pictures and find if their names with r-controlled vowels have “ar” or “or" to snip and glue them below the right type.

R-Controlled Vowels | Chart

Get cracking with Bossy R in style! Here's an easy, worthy-of-printing chart that defines the concept of r-controlled vowels and dishes out tons of examples for each of the five vowels followed by this powerful "r".

Coloring R-Controlled Vowel Types

Don't love phonics; just revere it. There's a crayon against each r-controlled vowel. Identify its color and then color each word below appropriately. The idea is to clearly distinguish each r-controlled word type.

Identifying R-Controlled Vowels

Satisfy the hunger of your phonics addicts in grade 1 and grade 2 with this pdf. Let them highlight the words with r-controlled vowels in each sentence, and write each word below “ar”,“er”,“ir”,“or”, or “ur”.

Bossy R Words in Sentences

Don't let kids fall behind their peers! This pdf helps master three unique sounds in r-controlled vowels. Identify and underline the “er” words, circle the "ur" words, and draw a square around the "ir" words.

Speed Read R-Controlled Words - Er, Ir, Ur

It takes practice in spades to be proficient in r-controlled vowels. Encourage students to speed read the words in this printable as many times as they please. Let them display their phonics mettle.

Read and Highlight AR Texts

Reading by paying special heed to words with r-controlled words is instrumental to steady improvement in this topic. As kids read, let them also highlight all examples of “ar” words in each text below.

Forming New Words with Bossy R

This part of our Bossy R worksheets is both promising and charged up. Complete each word using "ar”, “or”, “ir”, “er”, or “ur”. Write the newly formed word on the long line provided. Tons of practice on the horizon!

Word Search - OR Words

Outstanding students explore every opportunity to boost their knowledge of the Bossy R so they continue to remain outstanding. In this word search pdf, find and circle the words with “or” and write them below.

Completing Sentences - R-Controlled Vowels

A real scene stealer, Bossy R words are best tackled by making them en everyday practice. Use appropriate words with r-controlled vowels from the word bank to complete the sentences.

Scrambled up R-Controlled Vowels

We bet this pdf from our Bossy R worksheets is a real hoot. It's time to form words with r-controlled vowels from the scrambled up sets below. Don't forget to write the words in the given spaces. R-controlled vowels are slowly but steadily growing on students.

Sorting Words with R-Controlled Vowels

The beauty of Bossy R words lies in their diversity. In this part of r-controlled vowel worksheets, practice uttering a set of words with r-controlled vowels, and sort the words under “ur”, “ear”, “er”, or “ir”.

Fluency Passage - R-Controlled Vowels

Don't pass out this stupendous goldmine of Bossy R words. Read the fun, making-you-wish-if-there-was-more story, and underline the words with r-controlled vowels. Write answers to the questions too.

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