6th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Reading Comprehension skills can be learned with focus, diligence and most importantly practice. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards our worksheets are customized to fulfill this purpose. Children of sixth grade will enjoy puzzling through the multiple layers of context and meaning in our interesting non-fiction and informative articles on Helen Keller, Mount Rushmore, The Presidential Residence, Mysterious Rainbow, Underground Wonderland and more, to develop key reading skills. Take advantage of our free worksheets and kick-start practice!

Select Passage by Grade

Helen Keller

The inspirational article on Helen Keller draws on different reading skills. The printable gives ample opportunity to sixth-grade children to appreciate the structure, analyze characters and self-question.

The Presidential Residence

Children will enjoy taking this literal tour of 'The White House'. The comprehensive table exercise on the three wings of the president's residence, will help practice summarizing and sequencing skills.

The Mysterious Rainbow

Watch children of grade 6 dive deep into the mystery of rainbows and emerge with multiple comprehension skills, if not a 'pot of gold'. Help them to identify writing technique and figurative vocabulary.

Mount Rushmore

Relating background knowledge to the main idea is an important reading skill. This passage will help children make connection between their current and new knowledge about this National Memorial.

Christopher Columbus

Explore this reading comprehension pdf worksheet on Columbus, world's most famous explorer. Encourage children of grade 6 to scan central idea and review facts to provide evidence to support assertions/inferences.

Extreme Weather

The inquisitive minds of sixth-grade children are eager to fathom the reasons for different weather conditions. Use this informative article to help them seek answers, while enhancing reading comprehension skills.

Ansel Adams

A motivating non-fiction passage increases child's attention span and working memory. Our reading comprehension passage blends this motivation with reading skills of reasoning, comparing and contrasting.

Underground Wonderland

Open-ended questions, requiring thinking and explaining, make this printable reading comprehension worksheet creative and reflective, conforming to Common Core Standards.

U.S. Seal

The informative piece on the U.S. Seal will help children learn how important facts are linked together as a coherent whole. The comprehension section provides skimming and summarizing practice.

Theodore Roosevelt

This biographical piece and its questions about Roosevelt offers grade 6 children a thorough practice in paraphrasing, identifying the central idea and justifying a statement using evidence from the text.

Magnetic Attraction

Children are bound to be attracted towards this pdf reading comprehension passage, resulting in an enhanced grasping of the force of magnetism. They also understand the role of 'context setting'.

Rosa Parks

Even though Rosa Parks died in 2005, her legacy lives on. She not only alleviated the plight of many people, but provided them with an equal life. Questions are listing Rosa's accomplishments and more.