Digraph Worksheets

Our printable digraph worksheets help kids in grade 1 and grade 2 delightfully take in the process of identifying consonant digraphs where two consonants work together to make one sound. Look at the words "chips", "chocolate", and "cheese" for instance. Apart from being delicious and making you salivate, they have a phonemic flavor in them, too. Each word has the consonants "c" and "h" teaming together to produce a unique single sound. Try saying the words a few times to get used to the sound. That's how simple it is! Our consonant digraph worksheets include exercises like identifying, matching, and writing digraphs. Try some of these digraph worksheets for free!

Finding and Coloring Digraphs

Effect a thorough shake-up to your phonics knowledge with this consonant digraph pdf. Kids look at each object, recognize the digraph in its name, and color the apple with this digraph.

Writing and Matching “PH” Digraphs

Catch a glimpse of how the chemistry between "p" and "h" proves to be a huge phonemic blessing! Ask kids to first complete the words using “ph” digraphs and then match them to the correct images.

Writing TH Names for Pictures

In this digraph worksheet, learners have an exciting task at hand. They find the name of each picture in the word search grid and write the word with the consonant digraph under the picture.

Cut and Glue Words with “CH” Digraphs

Stand in front of a mirror and watch how your mouth looks while uttering words like "chalk" and "cheese". The task here is to snip the words with the digraph “ch” and glue them below the appropriate pictures.

Writing Words with “WH” Digraphs

Work your way steadily up the digraph hierarchy! The exercise in this printable digraph worksheet is to name each picture with "wh" words. Remember the box has all the words you will need.

Completing Sentences with CH Digraphs

It's time your I-want-more-of-it phonics fans practiced the digraph "ch". Help them as they read each sentence and complete it with an appropriate word containing the digraph "ch" from the word box.

Identifying TH Digraphs in Sentences

Next time when you speak English, don't just be the usual loquacious you! Stand out by rightly uttering the consonant digraphs. Read the sentences and circle each word that has a “th” digraph in it.

Sorting Words with Digraphs | PH, KN, CK

It takes an exciting lip-chin-tongue harmony to achieve perfect pronunciation. In this 1st grade and 2nd grade printable digraph worksheet, identify and color words with “ph”, “ck”, and “kn” digraphs.

Choosing the Correct Digraph

Thanks to your dedication and passion, consonant digraphs now have started trickling through. In this printable pdf worksheet, identify the digraph in each picture and check the correct answer.

Finding and Writing Digraphs

Being proficient in phonemes is the cornerstone upon which English learning thrives. Cut each digraph below and glue it in the correct box to name the picture. Learning digraphs will now be your jam!

Sorting Digraphs | CH, SH, TH, PH

The phonic charm in this pdf will last for a very long time. Set your ambitious learners a challenging identifying digraphs task. Watch them color words that begin or end with "ch", "sh", "th", or "ph" sounds.

Identifying SH Digraphs

Shepherd your students through the shine and shimmer of the digraph "sh". In this digraph worksheet pdf, grade 1 and grade 2 kids identify and underline words with “sh” digraphs in a set of sentences.

Identifying CH Digraphs in a Story

Bob is up against a chair challenge. He ends up doing a good job though. In this section of our printable consonant digraph worksheets, kids read a story and underline the words beginning with “ch” digraphs.

Consonant Digraphs | Chart

Let the little girls and boys be blown away by a bunch of bang-on consonant digraphs. Get a list of common digraphs with examples and comprehend how two consonants unite to make a whole new sound.

Vowel Digraphs Worksheets

Be sure you have as strong a grasp of vowel digraphs as you have of other aspects in phonics. A vowel digraph is two vowels that get together to spell a single sound. Follow the link to practice and perfect the topic.

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