2nd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Head toward an exemplary start walking through our printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets with answer keys. Whether it is exercises in parts of speech, such as collective nouns, adverbs, or English grammar topics like expanding sentences, contracting words, or vocabulary builders such as prefixes, suffixes, compound words, or demonstrating an understanding of key details in a text, or writing explanatory pieces, our pdfs have them all and much more for your kids. Catapult learning to new heights with our free grade 2 English worksheets.

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Matching Collective Nouns with Images

A flock of birds, a pride of lions, a bunch of grapes are all examples of collective nouns. Connect each collective noun to the particular group of people, objects or animals it relates to in this ELA pdf worksheet.

Choosing the Subject

The sentences in this printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets are missing the person or thing spoken about. Complete each sentence, choosing an appropriate subject from the word box.

Suffixes | "-ful" and "-less"

Enrich your vocabulary with a storm of new words. Read the meanings and write the synonyms using the suffixes "-ful" and "-less" and complete the sentences by adding appropriate suffixes to the words.

Choosing the Correct Digraph

Get to the heart of each picture, identify the digraph that lies in its name, look for the digraph among the options, and answer by checking it in this grade 2 ELA worksheet.

Decorating a Christmas Tree | Expository Writing Prompt

Get kids ready for some Christmassy cheer as they explain the step-by-step process of trimming their Christmas tree with baubles, bells, stars, stockings and candy canes, using the picture for ideas.

Sight Words & -aw Family Words

Focussing on the -aw pattern, this resource requires young learners to unscramble and write the -aw words on the given lines.

Identifying Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns reflect back upon the subject of a sentence. Grade 2 kids scout for the reflexive pronoun in each sentence presented in this language arts worksheet pdf and circle it.

Identifying the Types of Sentences

Can your kids distinguish between the four types of sentences? Check it for yourself as they read each sentence, and write if it is declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory.

If I Turned into a Mermaid | Narrative Writing Prompt

Imagine you wake up and realize you have turned into a mermaid. This printable English worksheet provides 2nd grade kids an opportunity to narrate their experience with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Adjective or Adverb?

With similar functions, kids often get muddled with adjectives and adverbs. Read each sentence, and write adjective, if the underlined word describes the noun or adverb, if it modifies the verb.

Capitalizing Holidays

Pick up some holiday vibes as you rewrite the names of holidays beginning with a capital letter. Capitalize the names of holidays in sentences too.

Drawing Antonyms

Add a spark of fun to your antonym learning with this grade 2 ELA worksheet pdf. Kids observe the illustration and read the word, write the opposite word or antonym for each and sketch the image as well.

Amanda's Trip | Reading Comprehension

Pack your bags and be ready to accompany Amanda on her trip. Skim through the story in this grade 2 language arts worksheet, paying attention to key details and answer the questions that follow.

Writing Present, Past, and Past Participles of Irregular Verbs

Flag what happens when by practicing the formation of the present, past, and past participle forms of each irregular verb and write it to complete the table.

Fixing Punctuation Errors

Correct the punctuation errors in the sender's and recipient's addresses on each envelope you find in this 2nd grade printable English worksheet and rewrite them with proper punctuations.

Completing the Users and Tools Analogies | Cut and Glue

Stow this language arts pdf for any day you need a quick, fun distraction. Get kids to snip the tool word cards and glue them beside the correct users to complete each user-tool analogy.