2nd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Head toward an exemplary start walking through our printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets with answer keys. Whether it is exercises in parts of speech, such as collective nouns, adverbs, or English grammar topics like expanding sentences, contracting words, or vocabulary builders such as prefixes, suffixes, compound words, or demonstrating an understanding of key details in a text, or writing explanatory pieces, our pdfs have them all and much more for your kids. Catapult learning to new heights with our free grade 2 English worksheets.

Select Grade 2 ELA Worksheets by Topic

Spotting Errors in Sentences Using Proofreading Marks

Scout for capitalization, punctuation and spelling errors in each sentence and highlight them using proofreading marks. Also, count the errors.

Adverbs | Chart

Familiarize kids with the frequently used adverbs with this chart comprising the adverb balloons.

Types of Determiners | Chart

Get acquainted with the definitions of a determiner and its six types with examples using this chart.

Matching the Meanings with Homographs

Read the meanings on either side and look for an apt homograph from the word box and write it in the space provided.

A Picnic Story Writing Prompt

The scene is set around a family picnic, using the setting and the characters weave your story.

Sorting Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

The word box is packed with St. Patrick's Day words, sort them as common nouns and proper nouns and write them in the T-chart.

Writing Imperative Sentences | Road Signs

Observe each road sign and write an imperative sentence for each stating its meaning.

Finding the Root Words

Each word in the word box has an affix, identify the root word from it and scout the grid to find the word and circle it.

Book Report Writing Template

Attempt writing a review of a book you read. Complete important information like characters and setting, summarize the main event as well.

Completing Sentences with the Correct Parts of Speech

Complete each sentence with an appropriate adverb, adjective, noun, or verb as directed.

Circle the Contractions

Scout out the contracted or shortened words in each sentence and circle them.

Identifying the Synonyms

Figure out the synonym of each given word, read the sentences and identify the two words that mean the same and underline them.