Silent Letters Worksheets

Our silent letters worksheets help children in grade 1 and grade 2 become increasingly certain about a mostly funny and at times annoying aspect of the English language. English is notorious for its bizarre ways of spelling and pronouncing words. Often, we see a letter sitting in a word while not making its presence felt in its pronunciation. Look at the letter “b” in “thumb”, the “d” in “handsome”, or “k” in “know”. Chances are you’re already maddened at these words for letting certain letters just remain silent. Browse through our free silent letter pdf worksheets and make the most of them!

Identifying Silent Letters

This fun section of our silent letters worksheets has balloons flying on the power of words. Some words have silent letters while some don't. Color the balloons with silent-letter words. Enjoy identifying silent letters!

Naming Pictures with W-Silent Words

The letter “w” stubbornly refuses to be audible in words like “write” and “wrap”. Tell your children in grade 1 that this is the case with every word that starts with “wr”. Name the images with correct silent-w words.

Silent Letters Chart

Grab this exquisite printable chart that introduces you to and exemplifies five common silent letters. Breezing through silent letters like the silent “b”, “h”, “k”, “t”, and “w”, this pdf has its heart in the right place.

Identifying Words with the Silent K or W

Although “w” and “k” are mostly blameless, the two are sometimes found to be unreliable. In this section of our silent letters worksheets for grade 2, recognize and write the words with the silent “w” and silent “k”.

Marking Pictures with Silent-Letter Names

With “k” away from action, the “knife” is deprived of its cutting edge. Thankfully, “n” wields all the power. Grade 2 kids tick “yes” if the images have silent-letter names and “no” if they don't. Write the names below.

Searching for Silent-H Words

There’s a long list of words with letters that don’t play any discernible role in their pronunciation. In this printable activity from our silent letters worksheets, look for and jot down words with the silent "h".

Circling Silent Letters in Words

The “l” in “half” is simply sitting there doing nothing at all. A novice learner might spell it “haf”, and he would expect everything to be just as fine. Read the words below and circle the silent letter in each word.

Spotting and Writing the Silent Letter

The "t" is not doing much of anything important in "hustle", nor is the "g" willing to fulfill its auditory duties in "reign". In this worksheet, find the silent letter in each word and write it in the given space.

Cutting and Gluing Silent-B and D Words

This part of our silent letters worksheets is an enjoyable printable cut-and-paste activity for 1st grade. Pronounce the words. Cut the words and glue them below the silent "b” or the silent "d" as appropriate.

Finding Silent-Letter Names

Cruelty is when the "b" in "lamb" and "comb" rudely stares at us without participating in any sounding action. In this pdf for 2nd grade, look for the name of each picture in a jumble of words. Write the word.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

There's simply no excusing the joke that the "s" is playing on us in "island". This section has a set of sentences for children to work with. They complete the sentences with correct silent-letter words from the list.

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