Long U Worksheets

Our printable long "u" worksheets toggle between fun and learning while endeavoring to prepare children in grade 1 and grade 2 to correctly produce the long "u" sound in words like "zoo" and "glue". Just reiterate that the long "u" is pronounced like "yoo" every single time although it can be spelled with "oo", "ew", "ue", or "u_e". That's all there's to bear in mind! The rest of the preparation requires kids to practice the long "u" using the pdf worksheets so they keep at them until they obtain proficiency. Don't let go of our free long "u" worksheets!

Coloring Long U Words

Awash with a bunch of visually appealing pictures, this part of our long “u” worksheets is a hoot. The task for 1st grade kids in this printable is to observe each picture and color it if it has a long “u” sound.

Completing Long U Names of Pictures

Kids who wish to impress with their long “u” chops don't just read the words; they heavily draw on the long “u” objects around them. In this exciting worksheet, complete the name of each long “u” picture.

Long U Chart

Crank your long “u” sounds up a notch with this super-friendly chart! The easy-to-understand definition, coupled with the various spellings of the sound and a few examples, makes it a must-grab resource.

Choosing Correct Long U Words

In yet another fun section of our long “u” worksheets, grade 1 children write the names of the pictures by choosing the appropriate long “u” words from the box. Get ready to race through the long "u" sounds!

Tracing and Matching Long U Words

Riding on the promise of a beautiful tracing and matching activity, this printable long “u” worksheet is a fantastic phonic delight. Trace a set of long “u” words and match them to the correct pictures.

Long U Word Search Activity

Go to great lengths to make your grade 2 kids' long “u” efficiency praiseworthy! Cast your eyes across the length and breadth of the grid to find long "u" words, circle and write the words in this long "u" pdf.

Sorting Words with the Long U

Make a list of as many words as you can for each long “u” spelling so you forever bask in the glow of a phonemic fluency! Pronounce the words in the word bank. Sort them under “ue”, “oo”, “ew”, and “u_e”.

Cut and Glue Long U Words

To perfectly utter the long “u” sound, form your mouth into a rounded shape and move your tongue close to the lips. In this 2nd grade exercise, snip each picture and glue it against “u_e”, “ew”, or “ui”.

Completing Sentences with Long U Words

There’s no need to wrack your brain while mastering the long “u”! Simply read whatever you hit upon and look for this long vowel sound. Pick correct long “u” words from the word box to complete the sentences.

3-Part Long U Bonanza

This 3-part pdf from our long “u” worksheets is brimming with practice! Unscramble a set of words. Identify and circle pictures with the long “u” sound. Match a few long “u” words to the correct images.

Long U Fluency Passage

Mary’s art-making genius is at work! All ready to paint, Mary has her mind set on a blue picture. Grade 1 children read on for more! They identify all examples of words with long “u” sounds and mark their findings.

Tracing the Path | long U Words

The ghost in this grade 2 task is left stranded away from the haunted house. Put your long “u” skills and knowledge to use, color the long “u” pumpkins, and set the ghost on the track to reach the haunted house.

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