Phonemes Worksheets

Celebrate the phonemic talent of the budding sound scholars in kindergarten and grade 1 with our printable phonemes worksheets! Gravitate toward these pdfs if you want to practice identifying, counting, segmenting, adding, substituting, and deleting, phonemes or the smallest individual sounds in words. Let's talk "tea" and "coffee"! While "tea" has only two phonemes t and ea, "coffee" has four – c, o, ff, and ee. It's then not necessary that the number of sounds remain the same as the number of letters. Jump straight into our free phonemes worksheets to experience these first-hand!

Counting Phonemes

Let the kindergarten sound specialists read each picture, isolate the phonemes, figure out the number of phonemes, and then color the pictures that have the specified number of phonemes.

Segmenting and Sorting Phonemes

Segment the words into sounds/phonemes and count the number of phonemes. Sort the words as those with two, three, or four phonemes. Write the words next to the correct number: 2, 3, or 4.

Identifying and Dotting Phonemes

This printable phonemes worksheet is a cool dotting activity for kindergarten kids. They read names of the images and identify how many phonemes are in each. Color the number of sounds/phonemes.

Sorting Words as 3 or 4-Phoneme

The word "breeze" has 4 sounds b-r-ee-ze. Give your full-of-surprises, keen-to-deliver young kids oodles of fine phonemic support as they sort words under 3-phoneme and 4-phoneme in this pdf exercise.

How Many Phonemes Are There?

The topic of phonemes is easily aced by bringing to the fore scads of little words. Repeatedly but heedfully sound out each word and write how many phonemes are in it. Perfect for grade 1 kids!

Segmenting 3-Phoneme Words

The "sheep", "pig", and other words in this printable phonemes worksheet have three sounds. Try saying each word, phonemically analyze it, and isolate the three phonemes in it. Yet another success story!

Identifying and Segmenting Phonemes

Flaunt your identifying-phonemes chops in this grade 2 section of our phonemes worksheets! A set of pictures, all with 3-phoneme names, are given. The task is to write the phonemes in each word.

Isolating Phonemes Using Elkonin Boxes

When it comes to building phonological awareness among kids, few tools are as effective as Elkonin Boxes. Make the most of this interesting exercise where children segment each word into four sounds.

Blending Phonemes to Form Words

At the heart of phonics learning is phoneme blending! Practice fluently joining together the individual sounds in a word. In this pdf, observe each picture. Identify and blend the phonemes to form its name.

Adding Phonemes for New Words

Who said adding happens only in math! The exciting phonemic activity in this 2nd grade worksheet is inspired by adding, too. Add the name of each picture to the given phoneme/sound to form a new word.

Deleting Phonemes for New Words

If adding has something to do with your phonemic practice, so does subtracting. Say the name of each picture, delete from it the specified phoneme and form a new word. A fantastic worksheet for kindergarten!

Isolating Phonemes

In this part of our phonemes worksheets, a bunch of pictures with 3-phoneme names are given. Write the phonemes in the boxes on the right. Highlight the /p/ sound in the first set. Mark the /r/ sound in the second.

Substituting Phonemes

Phonemic substitution, manipulating spoken words by substituting certain phonemes with others, is a great strategy. In this task, form new words by changing the initial, middle, or ending sounds of the given words.