Synonyms Worksheets

Our impressive collection of synonym worksheets will help children from grade 1 through grade 5 build a potent arsenal of words to equip their speech and writing to hit perfect targets with every strike. Our identifying, pictorial matching, sentence writing, passage rewriting, creating sentences, cutting and gluing snowmen or coloring butterflies exercises aim to add liveliness, variety and specificity to their vocabulary. Give a head-start to their synonym practice with our free worksheets!

Write Synonyms using Word Box

Give 2nd grade and 3rd grade children a methodical practice in knowing synonyms for a variety of words, that they commonly use day in and day out, with this synonyms worksheet.

Writing Sentences using Synonyms

Kids of 3rd grade and 4th grade will get super enthusiastic with this pdf worksheet of creating sentences using a pair of synonyms. That will expand their imagination and vocabulary boundlessly. Can creative writing get any more captivating?

Synonym - Chart

Introduce grade 1 and grade 2 kids to the word synonym, its meaning and some 'delicious' examples with this printable chart that will make their learning flavorful and sweet as these ice cream cones.

Identify the Synonyms

Use this apposite exercise to train students in identifying synonyms in a set of words or in contexts of sentences. It is essential to do so in order to avoid using the same words repeatedly.

Snowmen with Synonyms

Kids of 1st grade and 2nd grade will simply love our adorable pdf worksheet of making snowmen using synonyms with this cut and glue activity. It's an interesting way of exposing them to use multiple words to communicate better.

Replacing and Rewriting Synonyms

Let grade 3 and grade 4 students discover how writing can be transformed from being dull and repetitive to becoming exciting and imaginative with this sentences worksheet of replacing words with suitable synonyms.

Synonyms Passage

How about enjoying a piece of reading while learning synonyms? You're at the right worksheet. Join Thomas and Miguel in getting a vintage car on-road and accessorizing it with synonyms.

Synonyms Sentences

Children from 5th grade will greatly benefit from this printable sentence writing exercise to make their descriptions more specific, vivid and exciting using various synonyms. Imagination and creativity are all they'll need.

Synonyms - Matching with Pictures

Our pictorial synonyms worksheet pdf requires matching words that are synonymous. This will help children in opening up their minds to using new words to communicate the same expression.

Pick out Synonyms

Picking out synonymous words from a pool of words in each set will certainly help students understand the significance of using more relevant and appropriate words to express themselves in varying contexts.

Synonymous Butterflies

Can worksheets of the little ones be ever complete without a coloring activity? So here are some butterflies with some synonym pairs waiting to be embellished and adorned to enliven their learning.