Infinitive Worksheets

Say hello to the all-purpose, ever-industrious infinitives with our printable infinitive worksheets! As small and inconsequential they might come across as, infinitives are not only fiercely powerful but also supremely independent. Our vast collection of infinitive exercises for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 give infinitives a new, and badly needed too, lease of life in a grammatical world often dominated by other parts of speech, leaving these true heroes sadly unsung. Be the first to pay tribute to infinitives by answering our free infinitive worksheets pdf!

Identifying Infinitives

An infinitive is the basic form of a verb introduced by ‘to’, making recognizing infinitives in this task for 6th grade a doddle. Mark your answer by underlining the infinitive in each sentence.

Writing Sentences Using Infinitives

Go on a writing spree where infinitives take center stage! Fit in as many different functions of the infinitive as possible so this writing sentences containing the infinitive exercise will bear more fruit.

Completing Sentences Choosing Correct Infinitive Forms

Welcome the beloved cousins of the simple infinitive, the progressive and the perfect infinitives. In this section of our infinitive worksheets pdfs for 7th grade, pick the right infinitive to complete each sentence.

Filling the Blanks with Infinitives of Verbs

Watch the bedazzled 8th grade grammarians ooh and aah as they fill in the blanks with the infinitives of the verbs given. An icing on the cake, many sentences have infinitives used as direct objects.

Rewriting Sentences Using Infinitives

Help spice up your grade 6 and grade 7 students' writing by introducing the infinitive as a replacement for many repetitive grammatical structures, as demonstrated in this rewriting worksheet.

Identifying Infinitives and Their Functions

Now endearing itself to you as a refreshing adjective, now winning your heart as a well-drawn adverb, the infinitive serves a myriad of functions. Identify the infinitive phrases and their functions in this pdf.

Choosing between Infinitives and Bare Infinitives

The bare infinitive is the infinitive stripped off its ‘to’. Put up a splendid infinitive show by letting the infinitive and bare infinitive take their turns in our printable infinitive worksheets for grade 8.

Identifying Infinitive Phrases

Infinitives are the happiest when they are where they fondly belong: infinitive phrases. Infinitives have their whole entourage, like the objects and adverbs so identifying infinitive phrases is a hoot.