Grammar Worksheets

Unlock the doors of wisdom with this multitude of printable grammar worksheets with answer keys designed in sync with Common Core State Standards to help students of K through grade 8 advance their knowledge and master English grammar and usage with ease. Begin with cracking the exercises involving the eight parts of speech, imply the intended meaning by punctuating sentences correctly, comprehend the types of sentences, and the agreement between the parts of a sentence, understand verb tenses and the appropriate and inappropriate shifts. Add charm to your speech with contractions and interjections, bring versatility with direct and indirect speech, and active and passive voice. Our free grammar worksheets are a great place to make a head start.

List of Grammar Worksheets

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Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

Active voice makes reading engaging with a lucid narrative, but there are occasions when only passive voice works. Changing active to passive voice and vice versa is what students are expected to do in these grammar pdfs.

Adjective Worksheets

Whip up a storm of excitement among kids using these adjective handouts with answer keys comprising pdfs to identify and order adjectives, differentiate between adjectives and adverbs, and more.

Adverb Worksheets

Add more detail to your verb using this set of printable adverb worksheets encompassing charts and skills like making adverbs, identifying frequently used adverbs and their types: adverb of manner, place, and time.

Articles Worksheets

Refer to nouns and modify them with ease using our engaging article pdfs. Use the indefinite articles "a" and "an" to talk about things in general and definite article "the" when referring to specific things.

Capitalization Worksheets

A series of interesting skills like capitalizing proper nouns and geographical locations, spotting the errors and fixing the passages await kids of K to 4 in these printable capitalization worksheets.

Clause Worksheets

At the core of effective sentences, lies a bunch of well-framed clauses. Middle and high school students gallop through our extensive-and-handy pack of clause pdfs to distinguish between dependent and independent clauses.

Conditionals Worksheets

The conditional is, hands down, a big draw on any grammatical scene! Give children oodles of practice in the zero, first, second, and third conditionals with our instantly printable conditionals exercises.

Conjunction Worksheets

Build compound sentences with coordinating conjunctions: FANBOYS, join dependent and independent clauses with subordinating conjunctions, make complex sentences with correlative conjunctions.

Contractions Worksheets

Make kids adept in contracting and expanding words using an apostrophe to make positive and negative contracted forms and simplify speech and informal writing with our bouquet of contraction pdfs.

Determiners and Quantifiers Worksheets

Determine with ease the word that should appropriately precede and modify your nouns or quantify the “how many” or “how much” of it, with our all-encompassing determiners and quantifiers worksheets.

Diagramming Sentence Worksheets

Learn the skill of representing multiple grammatical sentence structures pictorially, with our diagramming sentence practice sheets, to recognize literary order and discover the logical order in sentence patterns.

Direct and Indirect Objects Worksheets

Take a giant leap with our direct and indirect objects exercises and begin scouting for IO and DO in sentences and back it up with prolific practice in distinguishing between the two offered in this set of grammar worksheets.

Direct and Reported Speech Worksheets

Get cracking with practice using these direct and reported speech handouts, and convert declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences from direct to indirect speech and vice versa.

Double Negatives Worksheets

Brevity is the soul of wit, and clarity is the soul of writing. Avoid double negatives, radiate utmost lucidity and coherence in writing with these double negative practice sheets.

Gerunds Worksheets

Learning gerunds is fun! It’s not entirely devoid of challenges though. While most children are used to gerunds functioning as subjects or direct objects, only the grammatically advantaged can identify gerunds used as subject complements in a jiffy. Thanks to our gerunds worksheets, gerunds will no longer be a pain in the neck!

Infinitive Worksheets

Exhilarate the writing fanatics in your class with our infinitives exercises. Across the length and breadth of this collection, you’ll be greeted by the basic forms of verbs accompanied by "to" and functioning as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.

Interjections Worksheets

Interjections add beauty and expression to our language. Grab our well-stocked interjection pdfs and you have a world of mild and strong interjections awaiting your kids!

Noun Worksheets

Begin right with these noun exercises for kids featuring exercises to classify nouns as proper and common, comprehend abstract, and collective nouns, and make possessive, and plurals too.

Participle Worksheets

Few would disagree that participles are fertile fodder for the wannabe grammarians to take their game to the next level. Our worksheets bridge the participle gap in learning so perfectly, beckoning children with their depth and diversity.

Parts of Speech Worksheets

How well can you separate the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to identifying and categorizing the eight parts of speech? See for yourself with these parts of speech pdfs offering a harmonious blend of skills.

Past, Present, and Future Tense Worksheets

Ensure an in-depth understanding with our past, present, and future tense practice sheets with clearly explained functions of the simple, progressive, perfect, and perfect progressive aspects of present, past, and future tenses.

Phrasal Verbs Worksheets

This batch of phrasal verbs handouts is a compulsive print and is propelled by a desire to see young learners thrive, as they scout for exciting and useful verbs-with-prepositions in sentences.

Phrases Worksheets

With clear and vivid definitions and ample practice, these phrases exercises stand out as the best fit for students who require practice in identifying noun, verb, adjectival, adverbial phrases in sentences.

Preposition Worksheets

Get your kids acquainted with the little nuts and bolts that connect a noun or pronoun to a verb or adjective in a sentence with this enormous collection of preposition pdfs.

Pronoun Worksheets

Whether it is identifying pronouns or replacing nouns with pronouns or comprehending interrogative, demonstrative, personal, possessive, reflexive, indefinite, or relative pronouns, our printable pronoun worksheets have them all.

Punctuation Worksheets

Devoid of punctuation marks, sentences wouldn't interpret the intended meaning. Spice up your writing by placing periods, question marks, commas, exclamation points in the right place with our punctuation pdfs.

Question Words Worksheets

The urge to ask questions dates back to as early as the first days of human existence on Earth, so do the question words. While “what” and “who” are the most common of the bunch, the likes of “why”, “where”, and “how” also abound in our conversations. Explore our question words worksheets.

Sentence Worksheets

Know the fundamentals of sentence-writing in and out, and get kids to spend time wisely building, stretching, and unscrambling sentences with this set of writing sentences worksheets.

Shift in Verb Tenses Worksheets

Prepare your learners with these grammar worksheets to recognize the shift in verb tenses and skillfully change or adeptly stabilize the tense, while acquiring command over appropriate and inappropriate shifts.

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Worksheets

Avoid boredom and choppiness in writing, stay away from run-on sentences and fragments with these simple, complex, and compound sentences printable worksheets and let your writing wear a hallmark of beauty.

Subject and Object Complement Worksheets

A good understanding of how subject and object complements function grammatically in a sentence can equip students of middle school with a great tool to utilize for producing error-free writing.

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

Ensure conjugation across a wide range of sentences with different subject types such as compound subjects, collective nouns, and indefinite pronouns with our subject verb agreement pdfs.

Subjects and Predicates Worksheets

Effortlessly identify the two parts of a sentence: the noun or pronoun-based part, the subject and the verb-based part or predicate, and prudently employ simple and compound subjects and predicates.

Tag Questions Worksheets

If you desire to emphasize, effect irony, or seek a reply, then do it effectively with our tag questions worksheets. Bolster practice in framing positive and negative question tags and more!

Transition Words Worksheets

Thanks to our transition words worksheets, there’s every reason for students to foster a fascination for perfection in writing. Practice writing sentences that are closely knit together and therefore easy to read. Welcome aboard a wealth of effective transition words and phrases that serve diverse purposes, including cause and effect, compare and contrast, sequencing, and a lot more.

Types of Sentences Worksheets

Welcome aboard our four types of sentences pdfs with interrogative sentences to ask questions, imperative to give commands, declarative to assert or claim, and exclamatory to express your emotions.

Verbals Worksheets

Play around with verbals and bolster your sentence skills! Work on these exercises and get to know that verb forms take on roles of other parts of speech, adding layers of meaning.

Verb Worksheets

Add a spark to your learning with the printable grammar exercises for kids in identifying and using action, helping, and linking verbs, and forming regular and irregular verbs too.

Verb Mood Worksheets

Get in the mood for some uplifting prep in the topic of the verb mood! Display imagination and flair as you toggle between the indicative mood, the interrogative mood, the imperative mood, the conditional mood, and the subjunctive mood. Seldom has grammar felt more fun!

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