Analogy Worksheets

Learning analogies as a linguistic expression plays a significant role in understanding an unfamiliar or complex idea or concept by associating it with a known one. We have simplified this cognitive process for children in grade 1 through grade 4 to understand it easier and better. Our collection of analogy worksheets is an ensemble of fascinating themed exercises to provide an extensive practice. Try our free worksheets and fly-start your practice!

Analogy | Word Box

Draw logical parallels between two ideas and learn new vocabulary using this printable analogy worksheet that will greatly encourage kids to think critically and comprehend connections more meaningfully.

Animal Analogies

Build eagerness in 1st grade and 2nd grade kids to make smart connections and choose appropriate analogies in this animal themed worksheet. From finding commonalities in their sounds or habitat, they'll love it all!

Thanksgiving Analogies

Kids of 3rd grade and 4th grade would truly love to consider relationships between disparate things, making visual connections and filling their cornucopia with a variety of Thanksgiving themed analogies.

Users & Tools Analogies | Cut & Glue

Involve the young minds in this simple cut and glue activity of putting together the base with its target expression to complete the tool and user analogies.This will effectively warm them up for more.

Nature Analogies

How true holds the saying, "Nature is the best teacher" in this case! This analogy worksheet employing nature as its theme, will be very useful in teaching abstract concepts with visual connections.

Sports Analogies

Excite children with tossing and hitting lots of comparisons and contrasts in the air with this pdf worksheet on sports analogy to make meaningful associations between different things.

Analogies | MCQ

Simplifying unfamiliar ideas using analogies will help elementary students in analyzing a known concept and transferring that logic to the target concept. This printable worksheet will serve the purpose effectively.

Halloween Analogies

Let not any of the spookiness of Halloween creep into your analogy learning process except for the lighted pumpkins to illuminate all aspects of a given idea or situation using analogous comparisons.

Christmas Analogies

Understanding analogies is sure to become merrier with our Christmas-analogies pdf worksheet that enlivens the learning spirit of making connections, comparing and contrasting two ideas or concepts.

Synonym and Antonym Analogies

Add another dimension to this cognitive process of drawing parallels, using synonyms and antonyms to firm children's grasp on how analogies effect better comprehension and improved communication skills.

Part and Whole Analogies

Train students into identifying the part and whole analogies where the first term is part of the second term or vice versa to help them identify the logical relationships between the third and the fourth terms.

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