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Figurative Language Worksheets

Why is figurative language music to the ears? The answer is simple. It gives communication a totally refreshing feel. It's the beautiful art that we get to bask in to our heart's content in sentences like "The little girl in her new dress was a feast for the eyes". It doesn't take a language connoisseur to say "She is beautiful". It takes a discerning insight into figurative language to consider the selfsame idea of beauty and bedeck it with a mind-boggling metaphor so the effect is manifold. Our printable figurative language worksheets for kindergarten through grade 7 students are a must-have for every language enthusiast. Taking you through most common literary devices such as simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, these learning-and-practice-rolled-into-one exercises amazingly fit around a diversity of your everyday communication requirements. Grab some of these worksheets for free!

List of Figurative Language Worksheets

Explore Figurative Language Worksheets in Detail

Alliteration Worksheets

Soup up your figurative language by savoring a string of sassy and scintillating alliterations in these worksheets! Ring in a world of music to your sentences by taking exercises such as identifying, matching, and writing alliterations.

Allusion Worksheets

Our allusion exercises will have the budding grammarians smile their way through the ELA tests, while their peers are left fiddling with the challenges of indirectly referencing a famous person or event from works of literature.

Analogies Worksheets

Analogies are to complex ideas what formulas are to an intricate math concept. Whether it's drawing parallels or boosting analytical thinking, analogies deliver it all. Learn analogies inspired from nature, Halloween, sports, and more with our pdf worksheets.

Homographs Worksheets

Homographs never fail to interest students whose interest to excel in English is great and diverse. Replete with oodles of practice such as matching, identifying, and writing homographs, these printable exercises help students foster a glorious homograph tradition.

Homophones Worksheets

Students have lots of fun with homophones because the way these words work their way to engage them is fun. Our homophones worsheets get kids alive and kicking as they make friends with an amazing bunch of figurative expressions.

Hyperbole Worksheets

No figure of speech has the genius and brilliance of hyperbole! Sounds like an overstatement? That's precisely what hyperbole does. Define, identify, explain, match, and complete hyperbole and more with our printable exercises. Hyperbole is the new way forward!.

Idioms Worksheets

Put your heart and soul into idioms, and you will make merry with your English! Idioms enable you to speak and informally write with twice the effect. So, go for our idioms worksheets where a host of activities make you leap for joy.

Metaphors Worksheets

A metaphor is the big daddy of comparison, and other players remain mere spectators. Use metaphors wisely to give your language a tonic it desperately needs. Grab these pdf exercises for students to identify, analyze, and create metaphors. Tell between similes and metaphors.

Onomatopoeia Worksheets

An onomatopoeia not only helps write and speak with astonishing impact, it also transports the reader to a new world of linguistic joy. Explore our onomatopoeia worksheets, and bring home a literary device replete with sound effect.

Oxymorons Worksheets

An oxymoron is both the end and the beginning of an absolute figurative bliss. There's imagination, there's craft, and there's wit aplenty. Take a giant leap in your road to mastering literary devices, with our pdf oxymoron exercises!

Personification Worksheets

Let your ideas take wings and words come alive! Learn to define, identify, and explain personification using charts, poems, stories and creative exercises in these worksheets. Your English will now more than just help communicate!

Proverbs and Adages Worksheets

The genius of a student is discovered by the number of proverbs they use. The more the merrier. Explore our printable proverbs and adages worksheets to obtain an incredible collection of proverbs fit for a large spectrum of situations.

Pun Worksheets

Spectacles of word play never end in our pun exercises! Begin by telling the wannabe punsters that puns have always been, and will forever be, fun tools that pack more meaning into fewer words.

Rhyming Words

With rhyming words around, your writing never bores. It to a new height of excitement soars. Rhyming is a super effective tool to encourage kids to learn the sounds within words.

Similes Worksheets

Similes are like salt and pepper. Use them sparingly, and you'll enrich speaking and informal writing. Overuse them, and you'll make a hash of things. Identify, form, interpret, and create similes with our simile exercises. You will now shine like a star!

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