Proverbs and Adages Worksheets

Proverbs and adages are gems abounding with wisdom, experience and expressiveness. From the all-time favorites like "don't put all your eggs in one basket" to catchy pieces of advice like "easy come, easy go", there are proverbs for anything and everything. Even though adages are slightly different from proverbs, these can often be used interchangeably. Help 5th grade and 6th grade children hone their proverb chops, by shepherding them through our proverbs and adages worksheets, equipped with abundant stocks of proverbs and adages. Distribute our free worksheets now!

Matching Proverbs

This exercise is a great upgrade on children's proverb-learning, as they match the beginning of each proverb to its correct ending. Help them ace it with confidence and success!

Birds Proverbs and Idioms

Bird proverbs have historically captured the imagination of users of the English language worldwide. In this printable worksheet, 6th grade children attempt to write the meanings of bird proverbs and idioms.

Proverbs and Adages Chart

By clearly defining what proverbs and adages are, and including a good number of examples of both, this PDF chart is distinctly promising. It lays the foundation for the proverb-learning.

Guessing Proverbs

Few elements support the process of learning among children as effectively as images do. Be an imaginative teacher and encourage children to write proverbs taking cue from pictures and words.

Weather Proverbs

Weather proverbs are at the forefront of a proverb lover's favorite list. This printable worksheet has a few splendid weather proverbs that the passionate young learners in grade 5 will have a blast with.

Animal Proverbs and Adages

Be it a curious cat or a sleeping dog, animals and their unique traits have inspired many a proverb. This exercise Introduces 5th grade children to ten fantastic animal proverbs.

Completing Proverbs

The spirit that proverbs enliven your sentences with is simply indescribable. Support children as they complete each proverb, so their proverbs uptake significantly increases.

Completing Proverbs with Correct Words

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Or is that saints who fear to tread there? In this proverb worksheet, help children complete each proverb choosing the correct word from the parentheses.

Meanings of Proverbs

"No pain, no gain" means, only if you struggle, can you achieve something. It's an exciting exercise to write the meanings of proverbs, which is what we do in this pdf worksheet.

Proverbs Word Box

The wisdom and power that proverbs bring to your writing and speaking are awesome. In this PDF worksheet, join hands with children as they complete proverbs with the correct words from the box.

Proverbs or Idioms

Empower children of grade 6 to instantly distinguish proverbs from idioms. Let them remember that proverbs contain a piece of advice or practical wisdom, and they will do perfectly well.

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