3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Compiled here is a collection of printable 3rd-grade reading comprehension worksheets featuring thought-provoking stories, poems and informational texts with visually appealing illustrations that grab the attention of children at once. Kids refer explicitly to the text to answer the questions, determine the moral of a text, distinguish between literal and non-literal language, describe the chief characters and read the passages with grade-appropriate accuracy and expression. Download some worksheets for free and give them a head-start in learning!

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The Seasons | Non-fiction

The informational text has many interesting facts. Kids learn to derive answers from the text and add the suffixes -er and -est to make the comparative and superlative degrees of a few adjectives. It's a lot easier than it sounds.

Running with the Thing | Fiction

This story is going to cast a spell on you with its mysterious setting. The printable ELA worksheet introduces idioms and elicits responses based on the story. Read the story to figure out what 'the Thing' actually is!

The Talented Dog | Non-fiction

This informative piece has it that dogs make great friends for people. With a wide range of questions, including sentence formation, the central message, and finding evidence, this is more than engaging.

My Pet | Poem

Have you ever had an unusual pet? The child in the poem has one, who is all ears to the child's stories. Read the poem to find out who it is and help kids answer questions and analyze the character of the child as well.

Finding Billy's Bike | Fiction

Jenna sets out when Rose needs help with the missing bike. The 3rd grade worksheet introduces an important Common Core aspect in reading comprehension: "making explicit reference to the text", among other questions.

Making a Rainbow | Fiction

Colors have always fascinated kids and life without them would be boring! Find textual evidence to support arguments and equip kids with a few antonyms using the comprehension questions featured in this pdf.

Mousy's Lucky Day | Fiction

Caught between exhilaration and compassion, Mousy is a little confused. This grade 3 worksheet first interests with an MCQ, before it intrigues with some inference and "moral" questions.

Kite Rider | Fiction

Here, the child is thrilled to bits, but the thought of not being able to see his parents sends shudders down his spine. This worksheet is engrossing, with questions as diverse as T/F, MCQ, and reflecting on the story.

Autumn's Artwork | Poem

Thanks to the nuance and precision it displays, Autumn has turned out to be an astoundingly catchy work of art. Here's a great help in finding and masterfully using topic-specific words, part and parcel of the Common Core Standards for reading.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival | Non-fiction

The National Cherry Blossom Festival attracts many tourists to New York. What makes this grade 3 printable a class apart is, kids learn a beautiful metaphor. Another interesting aspect is adverbs.

In Daddy's Socks | Fiction

This is a refreshing take on a child's fancy about its Daddy's socks. In the reading comprehension worksheet pdf, children test how well they can make inferences from the text, learn yet another idiom and attempt questions based on the passage.

George Washington | Non-fiction

George Washington was the first president of America, and he set an expemplary model for the future presidents. He was also a skilled soldier. The questions include an MCS, defintion, finding specific details and more.

States of Matter

Everything is made of matter. Whether it’s people, flowers, or clouds, they all have these tiny particles called matter. This reading comprehension for 3rd grade is an informational text where kids answer questions like identifying a statement that’s not true.

Statue of Liberty

Tall, inspiring, and historical, the Statue of Liberty had a little longer name originally – the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World. This printable passage contains questions that test skills like finding the main idea, looking for key details, and more.

Forest Ecosystem

Trees, moss, animals, and bugs flourish in a forest ecosystem. Every group has a place in this amazing community. This reading comprehension worksheet pdf is abounding in knowledge. Questions include sorting details pertaining to different forest types and more.

Gecko Gets Growing

Liam’s heart sank when one day he saw Clyde, his pet gecko, pale and sick. But a close look had him smiling, for Clyde was just shedding skin and not sick. Enjoy this passionate yet informative reading comprehension passage, learn from it, and answer some questions.

Our Solar System

Ours is just one of the many planetary systems in the universe, where planets orbit a host star. Apart from the Earth, there are seven other planets in the Milky Way. Comprehend the key idea of this informational text and try answering the questions that follow.

A Visit to the Horse Farm

Kendra is having a great time riding the horse during her visit to Grandpa and Grandma. As she swung her legs across the saddle, Grandpa gave her a boost. Answer an inference questions, write the meaning of a phrase and find evidence to support an opinion.