5th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Introduce children to a greater range of literary devices and various genres such as articles, stories and poems with this collection of printable reading comprehension worksheets designed for grade 5. Other aspects of interest include elaborate questions in finding reasons or evidence to support an argument, letter-sound correspondence, syllabication and morphology. Also, children should be able to read at a good rate and with an expression good for a fifth grader. Grab some of these worksheets for free!

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History of New York City | Non-fiction

Steeped in history, New York is a key player in the economic and cultural arenas of America. This grade 5 comprehension worksheet contains questions on domain-specific words and degrees of comparison.

Is that Really a Monkey? | Non-fiction

Do you know the difference between a monkey, an ape and a prosimian? Comprehend the similarities and differences, and classify the primates. Also, answer questions based on the non-fictional text.

Building a Class Project | Fiction

A timely unexpected help can be a game changer! Read on to find out how Grandpa's help changes Grayson's attitude. In this PDF printable, grade 5 children learn the difference between similes and metaphors and much more.

Teamwork | Fiction

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." The fable is build around the theme - teamwork. Familiarize 5th-grade children with the two genres of stories, compare and contrast between characters and more.

Living inside the Earth | Non-fiction

Caves are more than just dark holes in the ground. Learn about cave-dwelling creatures with this reading worksheet. Test comprehension with exercises based on minute details and understand the writer's purpose as well.

Lucky Day at the Beach | Non-fiction

Get ready to beach comb with this non-fiction reading comprehension. From polished gems to shark teeth, there are countless ocean treasures. Children respond to the follow-up exercises based on the text and build vocabulary too.

A Day at the Circus | Fiction

With clowns, acrobats and glittering costumes, the circus is a grand affair. This exciting 5th-grade reading worksheet tests the skills of children in comprehending and reflecting on the characters and finding specific details in the passages.

Ocean Breeze | Poem

Breezes are a real treat, and they send sweet scents around. Let your child step up his poetic sense and explore a few literary devices such as alliterations and personifications with this printable grade 5 poem comprehension.

Gingersnap Smile | Fiction

The smile is the child's curiosity, and the wrinkles are Grandpa's wisdom. This grade 5 reading comprehension is a breath of fresh air as it helps describe a scene and compare and contrast the thematic elements of the story.

Migration Story | Poem

The poet paints an amazingly beautiful and interesting picture of how Canada geese migrate to a warmer place. This informational text is followed by questions in literary devices and understanding quatrains and rhyme schemes.

The Formation of the Hawaiian Islands | Non-fiction

Get a picture of how the Hawaiian islands are formed. In this passage, kids answer how a word has two distinct meanings when used in different contexts and also answer some text-based questions.

Memorial Day | Fiction

Here's a refreshing story, after reading which, you will most likely love America with twice the fervor and gaiety. An amazing Andrea impresses you, and so does Grayson. The questions include choosing the moral of the story and more.

Father's Day | Fiction

Miguel's love for Dad is unique. He is proud that his is a gem of a Dad. Watch this father-son love unfold with delight, in this reading comprehension piece. Write the meanings of words, tell what the story is about and more.

The Seven Continents | Non-fiction

How well do you know your continent? Are there many things that distinguish your continent from the other? This reading passage pdf is packed with exciting details about the seven continents. Answer questions that require you to have a firm grasp of what you have read.

The American Flag | Non-fiction

Replete with stars and stripes, American flag symbolizes the great American spirit. The flag is just as awesome as that of any other monument. Dive deep into the American flag, and answer questions including interpresting a quote, and preparing expanatory notes.

The Big Night

Abounding in literary devices, this reading comprehension for grade 5 is an exhilarating read. Encouraged by Mr. Harold, Gretchen goes on to knock it out of the park. Test your knowledge of figurative language, understanding the formal tone, and more.

Riding the Waves

Brittany followed Uncle Steven’s instructions to a tee so learning to body surf wasn’t that hard. This reading comprehension for 5th grade has energy in spades. The questions include explaining idioms, an MCQ, and finding specific details.

It's like Riding a Bike

Excitement hung in the air like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Nathan was trying his new ramp. When he made the jump like an expert biker, everyone clapped. This reading comprehension for grade 5 is a thrilling ride. Answer questions that test a variety of skills.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This reading comprehension for 5th grade is not only about Harriet cleaning Aunt Jessica’s garden, it’s also about her realizing that she has a flair for gardening – growing things. The questions include arranging events in order, finding the structure type, and more.

Five Oceans of the World

The oceans help the world go round in waving, crashing motions. Enjoy this poem from our reading comprehension for grade 5 worksheets and explore how of each of the five oceans is unique. Find the theme of the poem, explain a literary device, and more.

Seashells at the Shore

Britton couldn’t help leaping for joy when he had found a sand dollar! For he knew Grandma would love it. This is proof how much he missed Grandma. Set in a beach, this reading comprehension for 5th grade makes you adore Britton, its leading character.

A Spooky Night

Haunted and uninhabited, the Old Hickory Town mansion creeps into people’s dreams and spooks them. Join Kyle and Jasmine as they go inside the gates of the building as a dare. Sort sensory details, explain a literary device, compare characters.

A Sailor’s Sales Pitch

The poem “A Sailor’s Sales Pitch” by Liana Mahoney abounds in alliterations. Enjoy reading the poem and get busy answering the questions, which include identifying the rhyme scheme, writing instances of alliteration, and more.