Collocation Worksheets

Discover this outstanding lexical aspect of the language that enhances fluency and improves basic vocabulary in our printable collocation worksheets with exercises that will make learning as natural as an ivy climbing a tree. Charts containing definitions, types and common errors, matching and fill-in exercises, crosswords, sentence construction and a lot more await students of grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 to exploit this resource to expedite their vocabulary acquiring process. Explore a few of these worksheets for free!

Collocations - Sort

In this doubly-enjoyable exercise pdf, students will sort collocations used with the three verbs; do, pay and raise, and construct sentences with these, enabling them to use the language more competently.

Collocations with "Time"

Dive deeper into collocations of "time", to fully understand how these beautiful combinations got established through their repeated use, and have thus become easily recognizable.

Collocations | Chart

Familiarize children of middle school with the definition and types of collocation using lots of supportive examples, to warm them up to this distinctive feature of the English language.

Common Errors in Collocation-Chart

Ever wondered if you have "studied deeply" or "studied hard" in "current times" or "recent times"? If yes, our printable chart detailing some common errors made with collocations might be the thing for you.

Collocations - Matching

Expose students of grade 6 to the sequence of words that naturally co-occur with some commonly used verbs in this amazing pdf worksheet packed with an interesting matching exercise.

Collocations with "Lose"

Students in grade 7 will instantly grab this opportunity to know the meanings of the popular phraseological compositions formed with "lose", to tremendously enhance language competence.

"Take", "Give" & "Make"

Know the natural associated network of the 3 verbs: take, give and make, with other words, using this printable worksheet, and understand the context-dependent usage of these collocations.

Collocations with "Make"

This creative pdf worksheet allows productive use of collocations with "make", to help students of middle school learn how these conventional sequences make the language more natural.


Students from the 6th grade and 7th grade will have a fun time learning collocations with "catch", solving this crossword puzzle pdf, to gain a clear idea of these structural patterns that fit together.

Collocations with "Come"

With this word box exercise of using collocations of "come", to complete the given sentences, children will understand the collocations better since words rarely occur in isolation.

Collocations with "Break"

Encourage productive skills with this printable exercise for students in 8th grade to help them construct sentences using collocations of "break", as vocabulary can be best learned in context.

Collocations with Verbs

Collocations are a good way of acquiring new vocabulary, and this engaging fill-in-the-blank exercise for grade 8 focusing on collocating words of make, pay, hold, give, take and do.

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