Short E Worksheets

Embolden young learners in grade 1 and grade 2 to do meaty phonic roles with our printable short "e" worksheets! If they have no qualms about recognizing, pronouncing and spelling words like "den", "bet", and "deck", they already have the ground prepared for our pdf worksheets. Go ahead and equip them with an easy definition; supply them with stacks of example words; and test their knowledge with fun, diverse, intelligent, and profound exercises. Better yet, you can use some of our free short "e" worksheets to start off!

Matching and Tracing Short E Sounds

Enhance your short "e" preparation with this matching and tracing activity. There are some pictures on the left-hand side; their short "e" names are on the right-hand side. Match the pictures to their names.

Short E Cut and Glue Activity

In this colorful part of our short "e" worksheets, 1st grade kids observe and pronounce the name of the pictures on the second page. Snip and glue those with a short "e" sound on the first page.

Recognizing the Short E Sounds

Words like "smell" and "egg" ring in a spring of short "e" sounds. In Part A, kids are expected to color the images with a short “e” sound, and identify and circle words that make a short "e" sound in Part B.

Writing Short E Words

The letter "e" in its short version sounds like "eh" - the same sound we produce when we are not impressed with something. Find and write the correct short "e" word from the box for each picture.

Choosing the Correct Short E Word

Demonstrating the short "e" sound with ease is crucial for grade 1 kids. Beside each picture in this section of our printable short "e" worksheets are two words. Utter the name of the picture and circle the correct word.

Highlighting Short E Words in Sentences

Reading sentences replete with short "e" sounds is what you do to morph from phonics-weary kids on the brink of burnout into proven prodigies aiming for rip-roaring, riotous success in this short vowel sound.

Practicing Short E Flashcards

Keep the short "e" super-simple for your kids! Task them with practicing one short "e" sound at a time. Each page has six flashcards so let them take turns to show you how good they are at this sound.

Making Short E Words from the Jumble

Grade 2 children look at the pictures in this short "e" worksheet pdf, recognize their names and spellings, form each word from the jumble of letters, and write the words.

Short E Chart

Get set to learn more about the short "e" sound with our defining-the-concept, brimful-of-relatable-examples chart! You will never be too out of it when it comes to writing and spelling the short "e" sound.

Identifying Short E Words

To produce the short "e" sound, let your mouth form into a narrow shape while the teeth come together but don't touch. In this 2nd grade short "e" pdf, color the bubbles that feature words with a short “e” sound.

Mastering the Short E Sound

Get to the heart of the short "e" by reading this printable passage from our short "e" worksheets. Ned and his pet fish take you through a memorable short "e" tour. A great phonemic read for grade 2 children!

Completing Sentences with Short E Words

Watch sentences yet again band together so you and your short "e" sound share a good harmony with each other. Let the phonemic princes and princesses in grade 1 complete the sentences with short “e” words.

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