Capitalization Worksheets

Capitalize on our worksheets that elucidate diverse ways of presenting your children with the A to Z of capitalization. We believe that with practice comes perfection, so we have included herein a choice of exercises that will render an adequate practice for rules, so that they become second nature. Children in kindergarten through grade 4 will be thoroughly exposed to the basics of when and what to capitalize, recognize and use capitals in different settings and learn the various conventions for capitalization with our printable worksheets. Kick into gear the free worksheets here!

Capitalizing Holidays

Rejuvenate the festive cheer in your children while making them practice capitalizing the names of holidays. Be it Christmas Day or Independence Day this worksheet celebrates them all.

Capitalize and Rewrite the Proper Nouns

Give children of grade 2 and grade 3 a good practice in capitalizing proper nouns like names of days, months, places, etc, regardless of where they are placed in a sentence.

Rules of Capitalization

Familiarizing children with the rules of capitalization is a great start in laying a strong foundation for mechanics of writing. This attractive 'at a glance' chart makes the rules easy to remember.

Capitalizing start of a sentence

Young learners require a basic mechanism in writing, and capitalizing is one of them. Reiterate the rule of capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, with our kindergarten worksheet.

Capitalizing Days and Months

Unsure if it's capital 'J' in July or 'S' in Sunday? Review this capitalization worksheet for grade 1 and watch all your doubts about upper cases in names of days and months, skedaddle now and here!

Capitalizing Names

Keep in mind to 'Lock the Caps' with names of people. Children can run through this printable to meet and greet in addition to getting familiarized with this convention of capitalizing names.

Capitalizing Places and Geographical Features

Children in 1st grade and 2nd grade will certainly go places capitalizing the names of places and geographical features with this pdf capitalization worksheet!

Capitalize Proper Nouns and Make Sentences

Children will get a deeper understanding of capitalizing proper nouns within a context of a sentence by making sentences of their own.

Titles Capitalization

If repetition is the key, then this printable capitalization exercise will throughly reinforce the habit of using uppercase for titles of books, etc, in your upper elementary children.

Capitalization Dialogues

Our worksheet on rules to keep in mind while capitalizing dialogues, provide suitable contexts to help children apply these rules in their written communication.

Identify and circle words that need to be capitalized

This pdf worksheet is sure to put a spark and thought of identifying and circling words requiring capitalization into your children as a great recap of the basics.

Finding Correct sentences

Proofreading sentences to check for appropriate capitalization and spotting incorrect ones is certainly a fun capitalizing exercise to review the upper case for the children.

Fix the Passage

Our capitalization worksheet on rewriting a passage to fix the errors in capitalization will be an effective way to check which rules are not understood or being forgotten by 3rd grade and 4th grade children.

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