Short I Worksheets

Compelling in both content and style, our printable short "i" worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2 explore the short "i" sound soup to nuts. Recognize, pronounce, and spell words that make a short "i" sound hidden in every nook and cranny of these worksheets stuffed with crackling-with-phonic-life images and their spot-me-if-you-can short "i" names like "king", "pig", "tin", "fin", and "milk". Visit our pdf short "i" worksheets for instant expertise in this sound! Download and access our free short "i" worksheets before you go full-on!

Matching and Tracing Short I Sounds

Watch children in 1st grade scream in delight at the sight of this printable short "i" worksheet! Task them with observing each picture and matching it to its short "i" name and remind them to trace the word too!

Flip a Coin | Reading Short I Words

Don't miss the flip-a-coin game in this part of our short "i" worksheets! Move two spaces ahead when it's heads. Limit the movement to one space when it’s tails. Read the short “i” words as you streak ahead.

Unscrambling Short I Words

An ensemble of coloring, finding, and learning, this pdf is a must-have resource for grade 1 kids. Look at the pictures, find and color the letters that make their short "i" names, and write the words in the blanks.

Short I Chart

With such an appealing short "i" chart around, surrendering to the charm of this sound feels like the only option! Define the concept of the short "i" and know more of the sound with a lovely set of examples.

Short I Mystery Picture

To produce the short "i" sound, keep the lips relaxed and the central area of the tongue in the central area of the mouth. Color the short “i” words brown and the other words blue to unravel a hidden picture.

Completing Sentences with Short I Words

This part of our short "i" worksheets for 2nd grade is an outright celebration of the phonic ease associated with the short "i" sound. Complete the sentences with correct short “i” words from the word box.

Reading and Drawing

The short "i" sound is a pronunciation that thrives in unstressed vowel positions. The neutral and relaxed tongue and lip position is responsible for this. Read the short “i” words and draw them in the boxes.

Rhyming Short I Words

Give the talent-spotted, live wire champs in grade 2 a rousing round of applause as they start rhyming in this short "i" pdf. Let them rhyme each short “i” word with a word from the box at the bottom of the worksheet.

Identifying Short I Words

The beauty of the English language is that it has every sound, including the short "i" sound, so nicely and meticulously set. In this section of short "i" worksheets, look for and highlight examples of short “i” words.

Completing Words with Short I Sounds

This printable phonemic exercise is best introduced when grade 1 kids are in a fit of short "i" exuberance. What they do is simply read each picture and complete its short "i" name by filling in the missing letters.

Short I Fluency Passage

Kip is a kid. He loves swimming in the water and enjoys playing with the fish. Phonemically pleasure in this passage where you accompany Kip to his short "i" pastimes. Read and practice the short “I” sounds in it.

Highlighting Short I Sounds in a Story

We are sure children in grade 2 will hit the nail on its head with this short "i" story featuring Baby Bird and Momma Bird. Let kids focus on the short "i" sounds in the passage and highlight them.

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