Making Predictions Worksheets

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift." says Kate DiCamillo. And that's precisely how we present our 'Making Predictions' worksheets, which is a highly effective guided reading strategy. Guide your students of grade 3 through grade 6 through this wondrous journey of thinking what will logically happen next and watch how making predictions becomes one of your students' favorite reading activity. Anticipating the "next" in engaging stories, intriguing pictures, and descriptions is the hallmark of a discerning reader. Try some of these worksheets for free, so you know how much of a difference the entire set would make!

What's next?

Taking visual clues from the picture and making predictions is like being a detective. Children will love observing these; they will not only make some great deductions, but will also develop love for reading.

Color the Correct Deduction

A multiple-choice activity for making predictions provides the required support and scaffolding to 3rd grade children to practice the skill of arriving at evident conclusions.

Predict and Draw

Excitement and joyful anticipation come together in this making predictions printable pdf to double the learning fun. Grade 3 students wouldn’t be able to hold their horses to draw what they think will happen next!

Read, Predict and Choose

Building anticipation for what happens next is an easy way to make reading interesting. Lead the children on to some amusing scenarios to predict the logical outcome for each, choosing from the given options.

Hannah's Dilemma

Wouldn't children love to put themselves in Hannah's shoes and help her make up her mind? Give the 4th grade students this unique opportunity to make some responsible choices with our making predictions pdfworksheet.

Roller Skates

Set the imagination of your children rolling to predict where the roller skates take Gaby and Trenton to. The worksheet is sure to take your children from guided reading to independent reading.

The Karate Class

As Carter and Caty practice their kicks and moves, let the young learners of grade 3 and grade 4 practice making some logical predictions for what might happen next, and make reading more engaging and fun.

Gone Fishing

What happens when Tracy and Michael go fishing with their grandparents? Do they actually fish out something? Well, your children certainly can, with this guided reading and making predictions pdf.

Meteor Shower

Make the students of grade 5 share the excitement and anticipation of Kari, as she eagerly awaits the spectacular sight of meteor showers, and they await the opportunity to make the best prediction.

Making Fruit Salad

Let children of grade 5 and grade 6 toss in a lot of contextual clues, sprinkle some meaning, and dress it up with logic to make a great prediction. This making predictions printable worksheet garnishes it all!

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