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Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Welcome aboard our printable beginning sounds worksheets, an exciting stepping stone for students in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 to learn one-to-one correspondence between letters and sounds. In order for children to successfully read English, they should first master the art of converting words into sounds. Encourage kids to isolate and pronounce the initial sounds in words, add or substitute beginning sounds to make new words, identify initial consonants and much more with a string of interesting activities and exercises. Our free beginning sounds worksheets are definitely worth a try.

Writing Beginning Consonants

Sounding-out words aloud is the key to go great guns in sounds. Kids identify the initial consonant sound in the names of animals, add them to complete the names of animals.

Beginning Sounds | Cut and Glue Fun

Read the picture, isolate and pronounce the initial sound. Cut each beginning sound and glue it below the correct picture. This beginning sound worksheet pdf is the pulsating heart of the entire set.

Beginning Sounds Crosswords

Don't just practice sounds; fall in love with the reading and speaking reward they have in store for you. In this grade 1 pdf, young learners write the beginning sounds of the pictures to complete the crosswords.

Matching Beginning Sounds to Pictures

It's "k" for "kite" and "z" for "zoo". Give sounds a most rousing welcome with this beginning sounds worksheet! Match each letter to a picture whose beginning sound matches the sound of the letter.

Writing Beginning Sounds

The world of phonics is rich with countless sounds that vie to grab our attention. In this 1st grade printable exercise, a set of pictures is given, and kids complete their names by writing the beginning sound.

Beginning Sounds That Don't Match

The phonological pathway is an essential component of skilled reading. In this initial sounds worksheet, grade 2 kids circle the picture that has a different beginning sound and doesn't fit in the set.

Identifying Beginning Sounds

This beginning sound exercise crackles with color and beauty. Let students surprise you by reading the letters aloud, figure out how they sound, and write them under correct pictures.

Coloring Pictures | Beginning Sounds

Early readers will find most words strange. When they practice sounding letters, they start easing into them. 2nd grade kids find which pictures have the same beginning sounds as the given letter, and color them.

Choosing Correct Beginning Sounds

This kindergarten beginning sounds worksheet is a phonic delight that never ends. Look at each picture and circle the letter it begins with. Producing the correct beginning sounds is now child's play.

Matching Beginning Sounds

To sound correctly is, hands down, a most sought-after skill. The good news is this kindergarten matching the pictures with the same beginning sounds task has a fresh layer of practice added to it.

Connecting Pictures to Beginning Sounds

It’s easiest to teach beginning sounds because as the phrase suggests, they come in the beginning. In this printable task, students connect the pictures to the sounds - their names start with.

Beginning Sounds | Cut and Glue

Take as many words as you can think of that begin with the same sound. Kids isolate and pronounce the initial sounds, then cut and glue the pictures next to their corresponding beginning sounds.

Beginning Sounds and New Words

This worksheet is pretty much the pièce de résistance of this compilation. Isolate the initial sounds of each picture you read, and write it. Also, write the new word formed by combining the three beginning sounds.

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