Diphthong Worksheets

There's not a shred of doubt that our printable diphthong worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2 will strike a unique phonic chord with young learners. A diphthong is a vowel sound where the tongue glides or changes its position to produce the sound of two vowels. The word "diphthong" has its origin in Greek and means "two sounds". Although diphthongs are also called compound vowels, moving vowels, and gliding vowels, the name "diphthongs" is far ahead in popularity. Our exercise pdfs work well for kids to practice identifying, matching, and writing diphthongs. Try our free diphthong worksheets, and come back for more!

Identifying OY and OI Diphthongs

By studying and classifying diphthongs is how we articulate words. It's also how we ease into various accents. Look at the pictures; complete the "oi" and "oy" words. Check the oi pictures; circle the oy images.

Coloring EW Diphthongs

Bring in the Christmas cheer with this coloring activity where the budding phonics stars read the words on each bauble, and color every instance with an "ew" sound. It's a diphthong party at its most vibrant.

Matching OU and OW Diphthongs

Diphthongs are best identified by verifying if there's a vowel sound that's blending into another. In this 2nd grade pdf, complete each "ou" or "ow" word, and match it to the most appropriate picture.

Cut and Glue | OU Diphthongs

In this part of our diphthong worksheets, observe each picture, guess its name, and look for two cards from the ones below to form the word. Glue the cards next to pictures; write the word in the blank.

Diphthongs | Chart

Your phonics awareness rises from ordinary to exemplary with this printable diphthong chart! Define diphthongs; delight in a terrific diphthong treat stacked with vowel combinations that form gliding vowels.

Completing Sentences - OW Diphthongs

Although there's difference of opinion among linguists about the number of diphthongs, nearly every expert agrees that "ow" is a diphthong. The task here is to fill in the blanks with the correct diphthongs from the box.

Coloring OI and OU Diphthongs

The key to master moving vowels is to watch the way the tongue changes position pronouncing them. Let the 1st grade kids color the flowers with "oi" sounds yellow and those with the "ou" sounds red.

Sorting Words - OW or No OW

Uttering the words to know how they sound is central to identifying diphthongs. In this pdf, look at the words and sort them as words with "ow" sound and words with no "ow" sound.

Coloring and Writing Diphthongs

The process where our lips, teeth, and tongue join forces to produce the desired speech sound is just exciting. For each picture here, there are two sounds given. Color the correct sound and write the word.

Choosing the Correct Words | OU & OW

The challenge with diphthongs lies in the production and adjustment of the vowel length. In this section of our diphthongs worksheets, look at each image and write a suitable diphthong word from the box.

Completing Sentences | Diphthongs

Depending on their mother tongue, learners often tend to err similarly while uttering diphthongal sounds. Instruct grade 1 and grade 2 kids to complete the sentences using the diphthong words given.

Coloring Diphthongs

Keep at your vowel sounds and practice diphthongs to your heart's content in this part of our diphthong worksheets. Color the pictures with "ay" sounds blue, and color the pictures with "oa" sounds pink.

Making Words with Diphthongs

It's time to unravel more diphthongs so you go home with a rich uptake. In this printable, observe each picture, find its name from the jumble of the letters given, and write the word in the blank space.