Ending Sounds Worksheets

Take a look at our printable ending sounds worksheets if practicing ending sounds is on the cards. Make supporting the young readers in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 through the early stages of development super-easy with wide-ranging activities that include filling in the blanks with ending sounds, matching pictures to their ending sounds, coloring stars that mark the ending sounds, and more. Use our ending sounds worksheets pdf to help develop phonics and literacy skills in early-childhood learners by giving them oodles of practice in a skill that matters big time. Our free ending sounds worksheets are a good place to begin your practice.

Writing the Ending Sound

Teach and reinforce ending letter sounds with a colorful exercise! Write the letter that produces the ending sound of each word. Write "s" for bus and "n" for man. Make phonics as fun and gucci as never before!

Cutting and Gluing Ending Sounds

How good are your little ones in identifying the "g" sound in "bag" or the "b" sound in "cub"? Let kids put their newfound knowledge to test by cutting and gluing the final sounds with this identifying ending sounds worksheet.

Matching Pictures to Their Ending Sounds

Direct the 1st grade and 2nd grade kids to calibrate their literacy success with this matching pictures to appropriate ending sounds activity. Practice decoding words by carefully enunciating the ending sounds at an early age. Greatly helps improve sound recognition!

Identifying the Ending Sound

Accuracy is compromised when we don't give ending sounds their due importance. Ending sounds are as important as the other sounds in a word. Explore this aspect as you fill in the blanks with letters that mark the ending sounds.

Choosing the Ending Sound

Two letters are given under each picture. Pick the letter that produces the ending sound of the picture name. For example check "g" for bug, the first picture, choose "t" for bat, the second picture, and more.

Which Is the Ending Sound?

The cat owes its agility and smartness as much to "t", its ending sound, as it does to "c"! This section of our printable ending sounds worksheets for kindergarten is coloring the star that introduces the ending sound of each picture.

Identifying Pictures with the Same Ending Sound

Identify the pictures in each set that have the same ending sound, indicated by the letter given? While "pig" and "egg" share "g" as their ending sound, "sun" and "bun" boast "n" for the ending sound. Circle the pictures with the given ending sound.

Matching Pictures with Same Ending Sounds

Map and cap have something in common. Can you guess what it is? Both words end with a "p" sound. In this pdf from our ending sounds worksheets, match each picture on the left to a picture on the right that ends with the same ending sound.

Writing a Word with the Same Ending Sound

Improve your phonological awareness and enhance your letter-sound relationship skills with yet another finding the ending sound worksheet for grade 1 and grade 2. Write another word that has the same ending sound on the lines.

Identifying Pictures with Same Ending Sounds

Glue the jar and star next to "r" as both the words ending with an "r" sound. There's one more picture with the ending sound "r". Find it and complete the rest of the cutting and gluing yourself.

Spotting Words with Different Ending Sounds

In each set of words there's an odd man. Let kids in grade 1 and grade 2 look for the word that ends in a different sound and cross it out to complete this ending sounds exercise.

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