Short U Worksheets

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of a key phonemic aspect, our printable short “u” worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2 help your child have the short “u” sound wrapped around their fingers. Recognizing, pronouncing, and spelling this short vowel sound is pretty simple! A short “u” sound is the sound in words like “mug”, “cub”, and “stuck” where the vowel is followed by just consonants. Chock-full of effective practice tools and brimful of ideal assessment materials, our pds never feel tiring. Grab loads of short "u" words! Let your preparation kick off with the free short "u" worksheets!

Reading and Coloring Pictures

The "sun" rises to brighten your day! The "sun" peps up your short "u" chops too. In this pdf worksheet ideal for 1st grade, observe each picture up-close and color it if its name contains a short "u" sound.

Tracing and Writing Short U Words

In early learning, tracing is synonymous with fun, precision, and diligence. Allow for your short "u" sound to enjoy a little bit of this precision by tracing and writing the short "u" names of a nice bunch of pictures.

Short U Chart

Watch your phonic aspirations ring loud with this short u chart. Learn what the short “u” sounds like and flesh it out with a few lively, well-chosen examples. A marvelous pdf to open up to the short “u” with!

Identifying Short U Words

While making the short “u” sound, the jaw drops slightly, the mouth opens, and the tongue is near the bottom of the mouth. In this worksheet, grade 1 kids color the bubbles with a short "u" sound.

Unscrambling Short U Words

The "drum" jazzes up your band with fine melody! The "drum" perks up the short "u" sound too. Utter the names of the images, find their names from the given letters, and write the words. Great for grade 1.

Short U Word Search Activity

The fifth and last vowel of the alphabet, the letter "u" in its short version sounds like "uh", the same sound we make when expressing hesitation. Find words with the short “u” sound, circle them, and write them below.

Framing Sentences with Short U Words

In this part of our printable grade 2 short "u" worksheets, put the words beside each picture in order. Read the picture, write a relevant sentence, punctuate it and underline the short "u" words in it.

Reading Short U Fluency Strips

Put your kids in charge as they further enhance their short "u" fluency! A brilliant batch of short "u" fluency strip where your going-from-competent-to-masterly phonic wizards enjoy reading short “u” sounds.

Underlining Short U Words in Sentences

Get a pile of short "u" words and say the "uh" sound several times. You'll find this vowel is easier experienced than preached about. Find and underline words with a short “u” sound in these sentences.

Finding Rhyming Short U Words

Each sentence in this part of our short "u" worksheets has a short “u” word. Grade 2 kids complete the sentence with another short "u" word, both rhyming to the word that's already there and sentence-relevant.

Matching and Tracing Short U Words

If you have a strong phonemic desire, nothing in the world can hinder your progress with the short "u"! In this section of our short "u" worksheets, match the pictures to their short "u" names, and trace the words.

Short U Fluency Passage

This passage pdf from our short "u" worksheets is beautifully set in Lily's yard, where she plays with her pup. Shepherd 2nd grade children as they read the story to identify and underline the short “u” words in it.

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