Silent E Worksheets

Give yourself a sharp advantage over your peers with our printable silent e worksheets and let your English shine at its phonics best! The silent e or magic e is an evergreen topic among pronunciation enthusiasts. As the name has it, this e hardly makes a sound and is content just helping a long vowel say its name louder, among other things. Encourage kids of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 to explore the various activities, exercises, and tasks in our printable magic e worksheets for more on this never-grumbling, multifaceted final e. Grab our free silent e worksheets for a sneak-peek into what lies in store!

Sorting Final E Words

This sorting silent e words worksheet brings in a big magic e bonanza for kindergarteners. The words given are a mix of a-e, i-e, o-e, and u-e combinations. The job is to sort each word under one of these four types.

Silent E Words (a-e) | Cut and Glue

Had it not been for the magic e, you would make a hash of every pronunciation job that the teacher sets you. In this pdf, 1st grade kids cut each a-e word and paste it below its correct picture.

Silent E Chart

Be eloquent about the silent e with this beautiful Ferry wheel-inspired chart! As well as clearly explaining the most important function of the final e, the chart also has some examples so kids settle in early on.

Silent E Words (o-e) | Cut and Glue

The magic e is so ubiquitous that you find it just everywhere. Look for it in your home and feel it in your phone. Snip each picture and glue it below the silent e word that makes the "o" say its name.

Identifying Silent E Words | Coloring

Without the magic e, you can't board a plane, nor can you go boating on a lake. In this exercise, if the word ends with a silent e, color it green. Or else, color it yellow. A phonic feast for 2nd grade kids!

Silent E Words | Matching

The silent e represents the sounds that survived the Great Vowel Shift. In this task, match pictures to their short-vowel names. Match the names to their long-vowel counterparts and then to their images.

Unscrambling the Magic E Words

All vowels have two sounds - a short sound and a long sound. It's the silent e that helps the vowel produce its long sound. Look at each picture, unscramble the letters, and write the name in the blank provided.

Magic E Rules | Chart

Figure out the various ways the magic e helps with our printable silent e rules chart. Print and display it in your study so you can use it to brush up on your magic e knowledge.

Adding Silent E to Form New Words

It would be difficult to differentiate between a cub and a cube without the final e. In this printable magic e worksheet, add an "e" to each word and write the new word.

Final E | Word Search

Just anything that we read - stories or whatever- is abounding in silent e words. It takes a keen ear and eye to find these words and make a list of them as in this final e pdf where kids look for such words.

Completing Sentences - Silent E Words

Watch the youngsters thrive and flourish into stellar silent e scholars under your tutelage! Let them complete each sentence with an appropriate magic e word from the word box at the top of the page.

Does It Need a Silent E?

The apple juice you just drank didn't only have everything rightly mixed so you enjoyed every mouthful of it; it also had two silent Es. Look at each picture, find if there's a silent e, and write the word.

Coloring Silent E Apples

Ratchet up the magic-e practice to fever pitch with this grade 2 apple-tree printable. Some apples have silent e words in them, so task kids with identifying and coloring such apples.

Fill in the Vowel and Magic E

Often there's a vowel that the silent e helps sound longer, such as the "a" sound as in "pace" or "o" sound in "strove". Write the missing vowel and silent e for each word. A feather in our silent e worksheets!

A Silent E Fluency Passage

Passages are fertile fodder for young learners to practice finding and reading words with silent e. Read this exciting emergent-reader passage and pay attention to all instances of magic e words in it.

Read and Highlight Silent E Words

Juggling their silent e identifying and sounding tasks is no small feat for your rising stars in grade 1. In this task from our silent e worksheets, kids read a story and highlight all examples of silent e in it.

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