Long O Worksheets

With our printable long "o" worksheets around, children in grade 1 and grade 2 will no longer need to bask in the reflected glory of their phonemically flourishing friends. The thorough, step-by-step pdfs turn them into quintessential phonics masters overnight. By the way, if you're wondering what on earth the long "o" is, here's an example. Take the word "home". Not only does "home" have a long "o" sound, it's also spelled with an "o_e", one of the several spellings("o_e", "o", "ow", "oa", "oe") of the sound. Begin the excitement with our free long "o" worksheets.

Writing Long O Words

It's phonemically ecstatic when a long "o" sound melts away in our mouths and we have these long vowels wrapped around our fingers. Choose the appropriate long “o” words from the box and name the pictures.

Long O Jumbles

Let a bunch of long "o" words snow down from the sky of long vowels! The pictures in this 1st grade task have names with long “o” sounds. Look at the pictures and figure out their names from the jumbles of words.

Circling Long O Pictures

It's every phonics lover's dream to produce the long "o" sound to perfection. In this part of our printable long "o" worksheets, grade 1 kids observe the pictures and circle the ones that stand out with a long “a” sound.

Long O Chart

Shepherd your young learners through the nuances of the long "o" with this amusing rather than dictating chart! Define the long "o", take in its different spellings, and learn a few long "o" examples first-hand.

Tracing and Writing Long O Words

Next time around, when you order your favorite ice cream cone, let the long "o" in your "cone" sound chic and classy. In this printable long "o" worksheet, trace and write the long “o” names of a set of pictures.

Identifying Long O Spelling Patterns

The long "o" is a 2-sound vowel that moves from the "o" sound to a brief "w" sound. In this grade 2 pdf, recognize words formed with the five different long “o” spellings. Color the words distinctly for identification.

Sorting Long O into OA and OW

"Ow" is mostly found at the end of a long "o" word, but there are words like "bowl" where the spelling is in the middle. The task in this exercise is to sort and write long “o” words under “coat”: “oa” or “blow”: “ow”.

Coloring Stars with Long O Words

Reenact your long "o" learning in this beautifully themed helping-the astronaut-find-the-way worksheet. Read the words on the stars and color the ones with long “o” words.

Roll and Read Long O Words

This fun game makes our long "o" worksheets all the more rewarding. Roll the dice and read the long “o” word that you hit upon. Retreat when the going gets tough. Play it with a partner.

Scouting Long O Words in Sentences

Long "o" sounds aren't uttered robotically; success comes about when children go the extra mile finding them in every sentence. Read the following sentences and mark the examples of long “o” sounds in them.

Long O Fluency Strips

When your long "o"-struck phonic superstars have found their way around the sound, the atmosphere can be beyond manic. Just sit back and watch them nail the long "o" sound by reading these sentences.

Long O Practice

This 2nd grade exercise begins with a tracing and writing activity. It picks up with a matching task. It then leaps with a sorting long "o" sounds exercise. It rings down the curtain with a fill-in-the-blanks act.

Long O Reading Passage

This part of our long "o" worksheet pdfs leaves kids in grade 1 and grade 2 with a phonic skill that is needle-sharp and rock-solid. Let them peruse the passage and highlight the words with long “o” sound in it.

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