Cause and Effect Worksheets

For every effect, there is a cause. In other words, causes are inevitable for effects. If students want to excel in their writing mechanics, they can't afford to turn a blind eye to the cause-and-effect relationship in a complex sentence. Equipped with the general mentoring and specialist guidance required for children in kindergarten through grade 5 to make tremendous and progressive accomplishments in this topic, our printable cause-and-effect worksheets help improve and master this important writing aspect for a lifetime. Practice some of these worksheets totally free of cost!

Cut and Glue Activity

The road to mastery in cause and effect is full of engaging exercises; identifying causes and effects, and putting them together is at the forefront of these. This printable cut-and-glue activity helps practice this.

What is the Effect?

Stick with the young ones throughout this PDF worksheet, and you'll be rewarded with an utterly fulfilling experience of utmost success glittering all over! Kids read eight causes, and write effects for these.

Cause and Effect Chart

With the help of this engaging and dynamic chart, kindergarten and 1st grade kids get the gist of cause and effect, without being caught in the labyrinth of its technicalities. It defines, provides signal words and exemplifies the concept.

Matching Causes to Effects

Here's a matching exercise, where kids in grade 1 and grade 2 find out which effect is a logical result of the given cause, and match accordingly. Now, this is a great stride in the cause-effect journey!

Identifying Causes and Effects

Together, a cause and an effect form a complex sentence. It's fun identifying the cause and effect in such a sentence. Equipped with plenty of practice to further the skill of children in grade 3 and grade 4, this PDF is a compulsive print.

Coloring Causes and Effects

As a dedicated and committed-to-quality teacher, you will like this coloring PDF worksheet. Students in 4th grade and 5th grade distinguish the cause and effect in a sentence, and color causes yellow and effects green. Fantastic, isn't it?

Writing Effects for Causes

Let children not cut corners with their cause-and-effect learning, and spend as much time as possible at it! Here, they read a number of sentences with causes, and write appropriate effects.

Writing Causes for Effects

Let students not succumb to the ebb and flow of the cause-and-effect learning. Let them write causes for effects with much the same enthusiasm, and bring that victorious smile on their face!

Writing Causes and Effects

Let this printable worksheet be your dazzler, the heart of cause-and-effect learning! In part A, kids complete sentences by writing causes, while in part B, they do it by writing effects. Practice reloaded, isn't it?

Cracking a Riddle

This 2nd grade and 3rd grade PDF worksheet, doubling the cause-and-effect practice with a riddle fun, is terrifically appealing. While kids complete the sentences with apt words on the one side, they solve the riddle on the other.

Fairytale | Cause and Effect

Let the animated children watch the cause-and-effect learning take a turn for its most exciting. After reading an excerpt from "The Traveling Musicians", they write two causes and one effect.

Cause and Effect Diagram | Template

Brainstorm the major causes of the problem, and instantly analyze the effects with this cause-and-effect diagram template otherwise called the fishbone diagram.