1st Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Go beyond books with our printable collection of 1st grade language arts worksheets with answer keys and get the extra bit of practice for the wannabe English scholars. Demonstrate a command of grammar practicing the parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, verbs and more; followed by punctuations, and making sentences; build vocabulary with synonyms, antonyms, suffix, prefix, homophones; develop reading skills with reading comprehensions; and get creative with our writing prompts. Our free English worksheets for grade 1 kids will leave you yearning for more!

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Identifying the Nouns

Take the kids on a noun hunt with this grade 1 language arts worksheet and get them to read each sentence, identify the nouns or words that refer to things, people, animals, or places and underline them.

Choosing between A and An

Decide on the beginning sound of the given noun by reading it aloud. Check the appropriate indefinite article, "an" if the noun begins with a vowel sound, and "a" if it begins with a consonant sound.

Writing the Missing Letters in Alphabetical Order

What child could resist this alphabetic train journey? The railroad cars in this English pdf worksheet are missing some letters. Get first grade kids on board to write the missing letters in ABC order on the railroad cars.

Identifying Beginning Sounds

Sound the name of each picture, figure out its beginning sound, choose which letter denotes this sound, and write it in the space provided. An engaging Language Arts worksheet for grade 1.

Look and See in the Woods | Reading Comprehension

Get the curious little explorers to read the poem and answer the questions from comprehension and practice forming plural nouns as they work their way through this printable first grade ELA worksheet.

Sight Words & -at Family Words

Provide grade 1 kids with an opportunity to practice writing the -at family words in the boxes and rewrite the words on the lines.

Changing Present Tense to Past Tense

If switching the regular verbs from the present tense to past tense muddles young learners, then this English worksheet pdf for grade 1 is a must-have to bolster skills.

Completing Sentences with Demonstrative Pronouns

Is the object near or far? Is it a singular or plural noun? Look at the object(s), and complete the sentences with appropriate demonstrative pronouns: This / That / These / Those.

Capitalizing Names and Salutations

This printable ELA worksheet for grade 1 kids has eight people introducing themselves. All that the kids are expected to do is look for the name and salutation (if any) in each sentence and capitalize it.

A Treasure Hunt | Reading Comprehension

Read, reread, and retell the story. Follow the clues, that build curiosity, and lead the kids to the treasure awaiting them. Don't forget to answer questions related to specific details and build comprehension.

Picture Sequence | Building a Snowman

You don't have to wait for winter to build a snowman. This English worksheet pdf encourages kids to put the step-by-step process of building a snowman in order by matching the steps to the numbers.

Identifying the Conjunctions

It's never too early to introduce your first grade kids to the frequently used conjunction or linking words. Have them read the sentence in this pdf and figure out the conjunction or joining word in each and underline it.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose an appropriate verb based on the subject being a singular or plural noun. Remind kids that a singular noun takes a singular verb while a plural noun takes a plural verb.

Matching Antonyms

Carve out some fun with this 1st grade printable ELA worksheet and get kids practicing for the Opposite Day as they match the words with their antonyms, taking hints from the pictures.

Research Report Writing Prompt | Butterfly

Butterflies with the mesmerizing patterns on their wings fascinate kids. Brainstorm and collect information about this little creature, its habitat, its food, its appearance, and add a few interesting facts about it too.

Matching the Homophones

Let the tricky homophones make their way into your 1st grade kids' vocabulary as they walk through this language arts worksheet pdf matching words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently.