Question Words Worksheets

Give wings to your child's learning with our printable question words worksheets! Being able to pose questions fluently using question words like what, where, when, why, who, how, whose, whom, and which is at the heart of effective communication. Whether it's to get around a city, know the reason something happened, or simply ask for the meaning of a new word, we count on the five Ws and H to make our life easy every day. Our WH questions worksheet pdfs are designed to keep kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 children's questioning skills in tip-top shape. Make asking and getting information super-easy with our free question words worksheets.

Cut and Glue WH Questions

Had it not been for the WH question words, we couldn't get the specifics in characteristics, times, places, people, and things. Be thankful to words like "which" and "whose" as you complete this cut and glue pdf.

Matching Question Words to Make Sentences

"What", perhaps the word that marked our first encounter with question words, refers to a thing or action. In this question words worksheet, kindergarten kids match the question words to frame questions.

Forming Questions Using WH Words

We bet you'll ask questions with greater accuracy after making questions for the answers in this WH questions pdf. It's fine if a grade 1 peer has a different question than yours, as multiple questions may be made from an answer.

Completing Sentences with Correct Question Words

Drum into 1st grade and 2nd grade children's heads that question words come at the beginning of a sentence, as they complete these sentences using appropriate question words, such as which, who, and whose.

Filling the Blanks Using Question Words

If you want to inquire specifically about places and locations, use "where" and you'll do well. Instruct the young question makers to consider the question-word options given and complete the sentences.

Framing Questions Using Five Ws and H

Supercharge your ability to ask questions with this printable five Ws and H worksheet! Look at each question word and simply ask questions using it. Set the ball rolling with "why", and run the whole gamut until you reach "who".

Circling Question Words That Complete the Sentences

Don't let the multiple options weigh on you! Read the questions as many times as would help you answer, and complete them using the correct question words. Take your pencil and beaming smiles, and get started!

Identifying Question Words | Maze

The hallmark of a sports car is speed, high acceleration, and maneuverability. You must display these qualities when identifying question words, too. Race your car through the WH words and be the first to reach the finish line.

Five Ws and H Chart

Get up-close with common question words with this printable five Ws and H chart from our question words worksheets. Here's every little piece of information that interests the budding question writers in kindergarten and grade 1.