Interrogative Pronouns Worksheets

Give your grammar oodles of nourishment with our printable interrogative pronouns worksheets with answers for kids in grade 1 and grade 2! Interrogative pronouns, words like "what" and "who", are pronouns used to introduce a question. Our life's easy as we only need to look for them in and around a question. Identify interrogative pronouns, complete sentences using interrogative pronouns, and frame questions using interrogative pronouns are some exercises that will kick-start your journey. Embellish your pronoun know-how with our free interrogative pronouns worksheet pdf!

Underlining Interrogative Pronouns

Which mode of transport do you prefer: cars, buses, or trains? There are 8 sentences in this pdf worksheet on interrogative pronouns. Children identify the interrogative pronoun in each sentence and underline it.

Choosing Correct Interrogative Pronouns

The story of interrogative pronouns is only 5-word long - "who", "whom", "what", "which", and "whose"! Kids in 1st grade check an appropriate interrogative pronoun and complete each sentence in this practice pdf.

Completing Sentences with Interrogative Pronouns

As long as they ask questions, interrogative pronouns will abound in 2nd grade children's sentences. Enjoy the pictures here, and in the process complete the sentences with apt interrogative pronouns.

Cut and Glue the Interrogative Pronouns

Spend as much time learning interrogative pronouns as you wish to! Cut each interrogative pronoun; glue it where it belongs to complete each question. The pictures make this interrogative pronoun exercise a sweet joy!

Matching Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative pronouns are an easy-breezy affair, for they're not as profound and kids don't need to trip up getting into their nitty-gritty. Match the interrogative pronouns aptly to complete the sentences.

Fill in the Blanks with Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns are the bread and butter of interrogative sentences, sentences that ask questions. Grade 1 kids read the sentences and complete them with suitable interrogative pronouns.

Forming Questions Using Interrogative Pronouns

Don't let up on your efforts to master interrogative pronouns! In this part of our printable interrogative pronouns worksheets, grade 2 children use interrogative pronouns and frame questions for the answers given.