Personal Pronouns Worksheets

Our printable personal pronouns worksheets with answers are a haven for the grammar enthusiasts in grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3! Pronouns that refer to a specific person, place, or object, personal pronouns are a delightful addition to the pronoun learning. Explore the full gamut of personal pronouns with exercises like choosing personal pronouns that describe pictures, completing sentences with relevant personal pronouns, and identifying subject and object pronouns. Stop being content and start being ambitious with our free personal pronouns worksheet pdf!

Checking Personal Pronouns for Pictures

Add to your kitty scads of personal pronouns like "she", "you", and "him". Look at each picture and choose the personal pronoun that's a match. Kids in 1st grade can't have had a more exciting pronoun-time!

Choosing Correct Personal Pronouns for Pictures

"They" is a subject pronoun that indicates multiple people, and "her" is an object pronoun that refers to a singular female. Young students look at the pictures and check suitable personal pronouns.

Matching Personal Pronouns

If children in grade 1 and grade 2 are keen to expand their personal-pronoun practice, this matching personal pronouns worksheet squarely fits in! Match the nouns/noun phrases to appropriate personal pronouns they can be replaced with.

Sorting Subject and Object Pronouns | Cut & Glue

Hit the height of personal-pronoun fun with this promising activity! Let 3rd grade children cut the personal pronouns, sort them as subject and object pronouns and glue them perfectly so the pronoun wagons are fully loaded.

Completing Sentences with Subject Pronouns

Don't settle for a vapid, uninspired practice of personal pronouns! Add life to it by writing pronouns to replace each picture/noun in this grade 3 pdf worksheet on personal pronouns. Complete the sentences with apt subject pronouns.

Identifying Subject and Object Pronouns

Let there be no sticking points in subject and object pronouns! In this part of our printable personal pronouns worksheets, identify the subject pronouns and the object pronouns in a bunch of sentences.

Completing Sentences with Subject or Object Pronouns

Learn the definition of personal pronouns, and practice how subject and object pronouns are different from each other. Little scholars fill in the blanks with subject/object pronouns in this personal pronoun exercise pdf.

Finding and Checking Pronoun Antecedents

Add a fresh layer to your pronoun practice by saying hello to pronoun antecedents! Each sentence has an underlined personal pronoun. Find which of the two options is its correct antecedent.