Demonstrative Pronouns Worksheets

Take your grammar in for a quick service with our printable demonstrative pronouns worksheets with answers for kids in grade 1, and grade 2! Demonstrative pronouns are pronouns used in place of a noun/noun phrase and refer to distance in time or space in relation to the speaker. There are four demonstrative pronouns in English: this, these, that, and those. Instruct kids to use this or that for singular objects and these or those for plural objects. This and these are used to refer to objects that are near, while that and those indicate objects at a distance. Talk kids into bettering grammar with our free demonstrative pronouns worksheet pdf!

Completing Sentences with Demonstrative Pronouns

The up-and-coming grammarians in 1st grade look at the pictures and use this/that for singular objects and these/those for plural things. Write this/these for objects on the left and that/those for those on the right.

Choosing the Correct Demonstrative-Pronoun Sentences

Color the demonstrative-pronouns sentence that correctly describes the picture. Use this/these for nearby objects and that/those for faraway things. Watch 2nd grade children abuzz with activity!

Demonstrative Pronouns | Cut-and-Glue Activity

Grade 2 kids find if the demonstrative pronoun in each sentence is singular/plural. If it’s singular, cut and glue 1 picture; if it’s plural, cut and glue 2 pictures. Glue the picture(s) to the right for that/those; to the left for this/these.

Using Demonstrative Pronouns to Complete Sentences

Demonstrative pronouns fit around singular/plural and near/far objects. In this pdf, complete sentences with demonstrative pronouns from the word box. "This" and "that" refer to a singular/nearby and singular/faraway things respectively.

Writing Sentences Using Demonstrative Pronouns

Our printable demonstrative pronouns worksheet guarantees that kids in grade 1 make double the progress of their peers. See the pictures and write sentences using relevant demonstrative pronouns.

Coloring Appropriate Demonstrative Pronouns

Let your practice shimmer with all the hues of demonstrative pronouns! Color the demonstrative pronoun that perfectly completes the sentence. Check if the objects in the picture are singular/plural or near/far.

Using Correct Demonstrative Pronouns and Verbs

Carefully consider if the objects displayed are singular/plural and near/far when completing the questions with demonstrative pronouns. Use “is” with singular objects and “are” for plural objects.