Indefinite Pronouns Worksheets

Experience versatility with our printable indefinite pronouns worksheets with answers for grade 3 and grade 4! A key aspect in grammar, indefinite pronouns help us talk about people or things without precisely stating who or what they are. When we say, "Someone has failed", we aren't expressly referring to a specific person who has failed. Identify indefinite pronouns in sentences, complete sentences using suitable indefinite pronouns, and more. Aim to becoming an accomplished pronoun scholar with our free indefinite pronouns worksheet pdfs!

Circling Indefinite Pronouns

A desire to learn more about indefinite pronouns is any young grammarian's stock-in-trade! In our indefinite pronouns practice worksheets for 3rd grade, read the sentences, and circle the indefinite pronouns.

Underlining Indefinite Pronouns

Many in 4th grade are good at identifying indefinite pronouns, but few are brilliant at it. Nurture a skill of identifying indefinite pronouns with this exercise. Scout out and underline indefinite pronouns in these sentences.

Highlighting Indefinite Pronouns

Why is the sentence "Everyone should know something about everything" a grammar-aficionado's delight? It has 3 indefinite pronouns! Highlight indefinite pronouns in a bunch of sentences in this pdf exercise.

Singular Indefinite Pronouns

Fluency in singular indefinite pronouns, words like "nobody" and "each", is proof that grade 3 kids and hard work have found harmony with each other. This singular indefinite pronouns exercise is a must-have.

Plural Indefinite Pronouns

While "all" is a plural indefinite pronoun, "everyone" is singular. Get more intimate and up-close with indefinite pronouns by completing a set of sentences in this plural indefinite pronouns worksheet.

Completing Sentences with Indefinite Pronouns

There's something about indefinite pronouns that makes them a favorite! The blessing is we don't need to explicitly tell who we are referring to. Check the correct indefinite pronouns to complete sentences.

Completing a Passage with Indefinite Pronouns from the Box

Get indefinite pronouns-conversant with Adam and Sara, who are scouting for something that Mom has in store for them! Choose from the indefinite pronouns given in the box and complete this passage.

Cut and Glue Indefinite Pronouns

With all his nearest and dearest people around, Abigail's birthday is a memorable affair! Test how well kids can complete the passage with this cut-and-glue indefinite pronouns worksheet.

Choosing Indefinite Pronouns to Complete a Passage

Witness an astonishing surge of indefinite pronouns in our printable indefinite pronouns worksheets for grade 4! Choose indefinite pronouns from the parentheses and complete this soccer match-themed passage.