Possessive Pronouns Worksheets

Keep children in grade 1 and grade 2 grammatically refreshed with our printable possessive pronouns worksheets with answers! As you can tell from the name, possessive pronouns are pronouns that show possession. Corralled here are exercises like identifying possessive pronouns, completing sentences using correct possessive pronouns, sorting possessives, and more. Bring the young ones some much-needed pronoun upliftment with our free possessive pronouns worksheet pdf!

Coloring Correct Possessive Pronouns

Children in 2nd grade walk through this part of our printable possessive pronouns worksheets, where the task is to color the suitable possessive pronoun to complete a bunch of sentences.

Sorting Words as Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives

An ode to telling possessive pronouns from adjectives, this possessive pronouns exercise works great for grade 2. Sort the possessives in the word box as possessive pronouns and adjectives, and write them in the correct columns.

Fill in the Blanks with Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives

While a possessive adjective is followed by a noun as in "This is his shirt", a possessive pronoun often ends the sentence like in "It is his". Fill in the blanks with apt possessive pronouns and adjectives.

Cut and Glue Possessive Pronouns

If 1st grade kids are feeling down about their possessive pronouns, this practice worksheet provides great companionship! Cut each possessive pronoun and glue it correctly to complete each sentence.

Choosing between Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives

Check the correct possessive pronouns/possessive adjectives to complete sentences in this pdf. Open up to possessive pronouns, such as "mine" and "yours" and possessive adjectives, like "my" and "your".

Completing Sentences with Possessive Pronouns | Word Box

When Dad buys you a brand-new sports car, take good care of it for it's all "yours"! Pick appropriate possessive pronouns from the box and complete these sentences. Possessive pronouns are exciting!

Completing Sentences with Possessive Pronouns

This possessive pronouns worksheet pdf delivers enough winning charm to carry the young scholars in grade 1 away. Watch their spirits fly as they complete a bunch of sentences using possessive pronouns.