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Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheets

Our printable singular and plural nouns worksheets teach children in kindergarten through grade 4 to form nouns that refer to more than one. While it's a cakewalk to form plurals of most nouns, some nouns call for special treatment like the word "child" whose plural is "children", and the word "deer" that is reluctant to change when pluralized. With an amazing collection of exercises to practice each rule and an answer key to help evaluate, this set of noun number pdfs is a valuable addition to your resources. Make headway with some of our free singular and plural nouns worksheets!

Adding -S to Form Plurals

Turn a singular noun to a plural noun that indicates more than one by adding an -s to the end of the singular noun. Kindergarten kids practice the basic rule with this printable singular and plural worksheet.

Making Plurals by Adding -ES

If the singular noun ends in -s, -x, -ch, -sh, ss, z, then form its plural by adding an -es. Best of all your grade 1 kids get to repeatedly practice this exercise and whip up the plurals in no time.

Plurals Formed with -IES

What's the plural of "candy"? It's candies. Change the y to an i and add an -es. A no-brainer, this section of our singular and plural nouns worksheet pdfs provides grade 2 children adequate practice in making plurals of such nouns.

Plural Nouns with -VES

Dedicated to nouns like "knife" and "leaf", which form plurals by changing the -fe or -f to v and adding an -s, it's amazing how this part of our printable singular and plural nouns worksheets hammers home the rule.

Irregular Plurals

Some nouns are irregular, there is no specific rule to form them. The only way to learn them is to memorize their plural forms. Figure out how many of the irregular plurals your grade 1 and grade 2 kids are aware of with this pdf.

Plural Nouns Spelling Rules Chart

Nine out of ten times the noun number is changed by adding -s or -es, but some nouns remain the same, while others take a new word. This printable singular plural spelling rules chart is the apt cheat sheet for 1st grade and 2nd grade kids.

Rules to Form Plurals with Examples

Your recipe for making smart plurals, this singular and plural nouns chart is backed up with examples and has four columns: types of noun, rule, singular, and plural, so it's easy to distinctly understand each rule.

Singular and Plural Nouns

Watch children read each sentence, comprehend the noun number, and look for nouns ending with -s or -es to tell plural nouns apart from singular. Give a full-on boost to their skills in identifying the singular and plural nouns.

Identifying Underlined Nouns as Singular or Plural

Swap your regular pdf with this part of our exercises in singular and plural nouns for 3rd grade, where kids identify if the underlined noun in each sentence is singular or plural and check the appropriate option.

Completing Sentences with Irregular Plural Nouns

The plural of "tooth" is "teeth" not "tooths". Young students in grade 3 complete a bunch of sentences using plural forms of the irregular nouns given in parentheses.

Rewriting Sentences Using Plurals

Take your 4th grade kid's skills in forming plurals a step further as they rewrite sentences by changing the singular nouns as plurals. Remind kids to change the verb, as a singular noun takes a singular verb, and a plural noun needs a plural verb.